Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Strickland upset he has to keep campaign promises

Looks like Reverend, Sorry, Governor Strickland is upset his feet are being held to the fire about his campaign promises of fixing the school funding.

The thin skinned governor, is upset and thinks the republicans are playing politics. The PD reported -

A news release Tuesday from House Speaker Jon Husted and Senate President Bill Harris declared that the first bill of the new legislative session - House Bill 1 and Senate Bill 1 - will be reserved for Strickland's yet-to-be-announced education funding proposal.

While Husted and Harris were selling the placeholder as a gesture of cooperation, Strickland wasn't buying it. "You all have been around Capitol Square a long time," Strickland told statehouse reporters. "I don't have to educate you on a sincere versus an insincere proposal."

The Democratic governor said the GOP offer indicated that partisan politics continues to plague efforts to improve education.

Strickland declared on the campaign trail that the issue would be the sole yardstick upon which to judge his term as governor. So the stakes will be sky-high and workable solutions hard to come by for both Strickland and GOP lawmakers.

I guess Strickland thought, once he got elected, nobody would remember his empty campaign promises.

Strickland campaigned about fixing school funding, he recently stated he did not have a plan for school funding, then after some good posting by Bizzy Blog and Right Angle Blog, he came up with a plan.

This was from an email from Tom at Bizzy Blog -
Matt at Right Angle did a brief post on how Ted Strickland was, as reported by the Columbus Dispatch, not going to come up with a funding plan for Ohio schools in the upcoming two-year budget.

- I did a post that went back to two of Strickland's campaign web site documents and quoted where he had promised in very specific terms his intentions to fix Ohio's school funding "problems" as soon as possible, and what Year 1 changes to Ohio's school funding would look like in Turnaround Ohio.

- Within an hour of that post going up, Team Strickland took down the campaign web site. I can't "prove" they did it because of my or Matt's post; I will say it's a heck of a coincidence. Since I had saved the two documents I needed separately and placed them at my host, that post was unaffected.
I believe through the efforts of Tom and Matt's blogging combined with the well crafted remarks of House Speaker Jon Husted and Senate President Bill Harris, Rev. Strickland feels cornered and he is lashing back.

Combined work like this above, will show the voters in Ohio, Strickland had no plan, has no plan and should be a one term governor.

Good Job Tom & Matt!


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