Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cleveland Schools & Watchdog make peace

The PD had reported earlier that new CEO of Cleveland Schools, Eugene Sanders was not cooperating with the bond commission created to watch over spending on construction in Cleveland schools. Here is my original post.

Today, the PD reported that Cleveland schools have come to an agreement with the bond commission.

Cleveland school officials and a special watchdog agency reached agreement Monday night on how the schools' $1 billion construction program is to be scrutinized.

Leaders of the Bond Accountability Commission, who a week ago said school Chief Executive Officer Eugene Sanders was trying to clip their independence with rules that could limit what paperwork they are to receive, said they are satisfied with the new deal and the $150,000 in cash that comes with it.

Commission member Robert Jackson said one of the key concessions from the school district was that Board President Larry Davis will not have the final say on disputes over what documents the commission receives. Davis, a close ally of Sanders', would have had that power in an earlier draft of the agreement.

"That's out of there. We're independent," Jackson said.
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