Saturday, February 24, 2007

Strickland threatens to find plan to fix schools

Democrat Governor Ted " I might have a plan" Strickland is now threatening to come up with a "plan" to fix school funding if the republicans do not cooperate with a reform of public school funding.

In an interview with the Sandusky Register leads their story with -

Gov. Ted Strickland threw down the challenge Friday to leaders of the Ohio General Assembly, saying that if state lawmakers don’t cooperate to put together a bipartisan reform of the state’s school funding system, he’ll craft his own plan and take it to the voters as a state question.

Republican House Speaker Jon Husted has played political games with the school funding issue, pressuring Strickland to immediately announce a solution.

Rev. Ted obviously has no plan! After 10 years of complaining and campaigning, if elected, his term in office could be graded by how HE fixes school funding.

Strickland's threats to take it the voters, is empty! I thought by him just beating Blackwell meant the voters have spoke. Don't the democrats keep reminding us republicans of that?

Poor Ted is still crying foul and partisan politics because Republican House Speaker Jon Husted is forcing him into a corner. As Strickland has no plan, he will holler for bipartisanship so the republicans can lead him in the right direction.

Speaking with Erie County democrats the Sandusky Register quoted Strickland as saying -
“He and others have allowed this issue to fester for more than 10 years,” Strickland said. “My approach is to try to develop a consensus. I’m not interested in another failed attempt.”

The governor said he’d prefer to work with Republicans who control the Ohio Senate and House, but said he’s warned Husted he’ll put together a Democratic Party plan if he has to go directly to the voters.

Without revealing numbers, Strickland said he’ll propose more money for early childhood education and seek a modest hike in funding for higher education.

I would have to say - Go ahead Ted, let's see what you got!


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