Saturday, July 25, 2009

False DNC Ad about Sen. Jim DeMint pulled from Airwaves

More proof that truth and integrity are not part of the democrats vocabulary or actions...

From Senator Jim DeMint's Blog --

Today, two major cable providers in South Carolina decided to pull down a false television advertisement purchased by the DNC attacking Senator Jim DeMint. After reviewing the legal arguments presented by attorneys for DeMint for Senate, both Charter Media in Greenville, SC and Cable Vantage in Columbia, SC have pulled the ad from circulation.

As of this afternoon, this untrue attack ad will no longer run on television anywhere inside the State of South Carolina.

Senator DeMint said, “The President’s ad was both false and misleading and I am grateful it is off the South Carolina airwaves. Looking forward, my hope is that the President will engage in an honest debate of ideas to truly reform America’s health care system.”

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  1. just conducted a study with 615 viewers of a recent pro health care reform ad by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) discussing statements from Senator Jim DeMint. Results showed that the ad failed to increase favorability levels across all political parties. Democrats, Republicans and Independents all reported “skepticism” as the emotion they felt most while watching the ad. For more in-depth results, please visit


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