Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ohio Blogger - Maggie Thurber - Shows Leadership by Example

Unless your head has been in the sand the last few weeks, I am confident everyone is aware of the proposed Cap & Trade bill, or more lovingly known as Crap & Charade. Beside doubling our utility bills, the Crap & Charade would be a killer for the State of Ohio -- not to mention our country.

Ohio Blogger, Tea Party Patriot, fellow State of Ohio Bloggers Alliance member and all-around awesome American - Maggie Thurber of Thurbers Thoughts - just became a bigger pain in the butt for our tormented elected officials.

Maggie may have just turned us all onto an excellent tool for dealing with the 90 degree left turn our country has taken.

The following was on Hot --
A week ago I followed the example of fellow blogger Maggie Thurber from Ohio in submitting a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to my representative in Congress. We wanted to discover the count of calls for and against the “Cap and Trade” bill voted on by our members in Congress on June 26.

Both Maggie and I were aware of a number of callers against this bill and wondered how many called in favor and how many called opposing the bill. We knew many opposed the bill because of the increased taxes and regulations the bill would impose, especially in a time of a depressed economy.

Many feared the bill would kill jobs and result in a loss of freedom. For example, do you want to be forced by Congress to make changes to your house before you can sell it? Do you want Congress trying to limit how much time you can spend in the shower?

Why would Congressman Moore from Kansas and Congresswoman Kaptur from Ohio vote for a bill if a large majority of their constituents opposed the bill?

On July 3 I sent my FOIA request via E-mail to Congressman Dennis Moore’s office, and followed up with faxed requests to his Overland Park and Washington, DC offices.

I was surprised to receive a response by mail from Congressman Moore’s office so quickly on July 11, but I was not happy with the content of the response. More...

Go read the rest of the post... you will be speechless and enraged with Moore's response!!!

Though Moore and most of our other Congressmen feel they are above the law, feel they do not have to answer to us and have the infinite wisdumb of trained lab rat, if all of us took Maggie's advice, a pissed off House on the Hill is what we would have. And that is a good thing!

Even though our leap off the Cap & Trade cliff has been temporarily postponed until September, this out of the box thinking by Maggie can and will be a very effective course of action in our fight to take back our country.

Our elected officials work for us, by channeling your anger over Moore's response I urge you to follow Maggie's example of sending an FOIA to your congressperson (and Senators) and remind them of that.

Good Job Maggie!


Don't be scared!