Saturday, July 25, 2009

Socialized Health Care Supporters Get Outnumbered in Obama's OH Visit

In a show of support with the over 50% of their fellow Americans upset with the push for socialized health care, The Cleveland Tea Party Patriots called upon fellow Tea Party Patriots across Ohio to stand together today in this battle to protect our medical freedoms. Like the minutemen of yesteryear, these patriots faced this challenge head on.

Braving heavy rains & torrential downpours, the steadfast Tea Party Patriots in OH, amassed between 600-750 people in Shaker Hts, OH to speak out against this proposed trillion dollar socialized health care be being promoted by President Obama today at Shaker Ht High School.

Members of several like-minded groups, the 9.12 groups from across OH, the Grass Fire Rally Team from Painesville, Heritage Group from Willoughby, joined Tea Party Patriot groups from all over OH and staged a peaceful and responsible protest.

Meeting at Shaker Towne Centre and lining Lee Rd., we were greeted by constant honks and cheers of approval as cars drove through this heavily traveled intersection in what can be considered the backyard of Sen. Sherrod Brown and the front door of Rep. Marcia Fudge (both supporters of the Death care proposals). We were made aware that at least two (2) people that pulled over and joined us.

As “O” hour neared, and after interviews with Channel 3, 5, 8, 19, WTAM 1100 and the local fish wrap – the Cleveland PD, our soaked to the bone fellow Patriots began growing antsy. Curiously enough, the fact that, “WE the people,” vastly outnumbered proponents of socialized health care and ACORN activists (Obama’s Nuts) never made any of their reports or stories. Who’d a thunk it?!? But we do feel the reporters from local Channel 8 & 19 did give us fair coverage. And for this we thank them for being truthful. The event was also picked up by Cavuto and earned a link on Instapundit.

Following a police escort, our .3/4 mile long Patriot Procession marched down Lee Rd, again to the honks & cheers of approval from passing motorists. Proceeding through side streets, we were met with homeowners also expressing their support. These would be the ones that did not have Obama signs in the front yard.

Arriving at the HS, we congregated in a predetermined location worked out with the Shaker PD. This location was selected for security concerns. We did not feel it would be responsible to mix families and seniors with possibly combative Obama supporters. Do I need to even comment on why we did not want to be near ACORN? Confrontation with anyone -- was the last thing we wanted and security of participants was always first and foremost in our planning. Noticing there was merely a handful of death care supporters outside Shaker HS our crowd migrated the front doors where we were obviously kept behind the security line.

Obama and his supporters were not our targeted audience even though some felt they should have been. Think about it… we were there to rally against socialized health care -- why waste our time, energy and efforts on Obama and his death care supporters? They will and routinely do ignore us anyway.

Our target audience was the everyday John & Jane Q. Citizen who are also unhappy about possibly losing the right to choose, paying for the health care for untold millions of illegal immigrants and another trillion dollar booby prize of a plan. We were there to show other Americans that our 1st Amendment rights do exist and that the, Silent Majority – will be Silent No More!

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  1. I did attend the protest and was pleased how many people did show up especially in the rain. I was disappointed how we were not coverd by the laim stream media. If we burned cars and fought with police we would have got coverage, but that is not who we are. I believe our protest should extend to the biased media as well! I also think we could have been better positioned to show supreme leader Obama we will not take it laying down.


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