Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The George Voinovich "I'm an Idiot & a RINO" Award

So today we will temporarily rename the George Voinovich "Golden RINO Award" to the George Voinovich "I'm an Idiot & a RINO Award."

I really thought this award would be tucked away until after RINOvich stumbled out of office and it would have to be renamed. But George is out there again and he's talking. Yep, we all know what happens when Voinovich talks... he either starts crying or says something stupid and shows us he's even dumber and a bigger RINO than we ever thought.

Unable to pass him like a wrinkled prune, the elected idiot slams Strickland for out smarting our spinelss OH Senate President Bill Harris, says the only thing wrong with Barack Obama is Nancy Pelosi, and the best -- he thinks the Republican party has too many fiscal conservatives!

For the narrative on this one, Matt at Weapons of Mass Discussion highlights more of our elected idiots remarks made here in the Columbus Dispatch.

Voinovich's remarks are really not that surprising though - he comes from the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County. This is the Republican Party where the Chairman publicly applauds members that financially support Democrats over Republicans, is NOT pro-life and supports same-sex marriage and/or civil unions -- so this is not surprising coming from Voinovich.

The good thing about all this is... Curious George will be out of office soon! We have the chance to get a good person elected - that is if we don't elect RINO Rob Portman.

On a side note, the two leading contenders for having the George Voinovich Golden RINO Award named after them are State Senator Tom Fatton and Bush flunkie - Rob Portman. Patton is on the list because he voted for Gov. Ted Strickland and Portman is on the list and rising fast for supporting the UN over the US, voting against strenghthening our borders and voting against tax cuts.


  1. Tom Patton voted for Teddy over Kenny? How do you know that and did he say why?

  2. Tom said it himself on WTAM 1100. He said he voted for the silly-goose governor becuase he like his school funding plan.

    Furthermore, using real math, unlike they did in this years OH Budget, Stricklands election was I believe three years before he unvieled his evidence based school funding plan that neither he nor Patton can explain without the use of a +700 page document.

    For the record: Patton also acknowledged this vote for t-shirt Ted in a conversation he had with RPCC Chairman Rob Frost.


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