Friday, July 31, 2009

Steaming Load of the Week Award: Teachers union scumbags punish success in Baltimore

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --

Steaming Load of the Week Award

Steaming Load #1: Teachers union scumbags punish success in Baltimore.

To a rational adult, the faculty at a Baltimore (Maryland) charter school, KIPP Ujima Village Academy should be hailed as heros. Why? Due to the long hours invested by the teaching staff - at least 9 hours and 15 minutes each school day, included every other Saturday - the students at KIPP Ujima Village Academy, routinely, outperform, their government-schooled counterparts. Long hours + hard work = stellar student achievement.

Here in the FSOP we salute the staff at this charter school for their Educational achievements. In Maryland, the rancid pile of turds calling itself the Baltimore Teachers Union decided to punish this charter school for replacing cultural Marxist indoctrination with real education.

Armed with a state edict, which made charter school teachers part of the district, the union is putting the screws to the charter school, as reported in a recent Neal Boortz posting:

This is where the local union steps in and says "Hey, wait a minute. Teachers at this charter school are working longer hours than other unionized teachers at the government schools." The solution? The Baltimore Teachers Union says that this charter school must pay its teachers 33% more than other government school teachers. The charter school says ... screw you, we have a budget to meet (there's a concept no government hack would understand). So now, one of Baltimore's most successful schools is laying off staff and shortening its school day. They are doing this in order to please the teachers unions.

I don’t give a rat's ass how these teachers union bastards try to explain their frontal assault on educational achievement. This kind of crap shouldn’t happen in this land conceived in liberty. The idiots with self esteem which thrill the Baltimore Teachers Union spitless are a stake driven into the heart of our liberty. By elevating union thuggery-enforced bullshit over education, the Baltimore Teachers Union has betrayed this once great nation and deserve a traitor’s fate.

Flushing is too good for this unionized pile of turds. It’s time to drag them out of the classrooms and put them out of our misery, permanently.

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  1. The only steaming pile here is your misinformed diatribe. The union did it's job by standing up for its members. If the teachers were being forced to work extra hours, but not being compensated for their efforts, they were being treated unfairly. It is illegal in this country to make people work for free. Slavery was outlawed long ago in America.


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