Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's Official: Ganley Running for Senate

Tom Ganley has announced he will be running to replace Senator George RINOvich. Ganley will be running against former congressman, Bush flunkie and GOP favorite - Rob Portman.

The Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee endorsed Portman today. For those that don't know what this means... it means that all the Republicans that have failed us repeatedly want you to vote for Portman. For me that is a good enough reason not to vote for the darling of the Ohio Retard Party favorite Port-a-Potty Portman.

Without even holding his ash tray like personality against him - Portman is a lifetime politician. Do you want to vote for a life-time politician - again?

Ganley has an uphill fight and is already being dismissed and attacked by the Ohio GOP and their little mindless party hacks. Without even hearing what Ganley has to say the party hacks at the state and local level are only concerned in getting goody points for their social club membeships.

Ganley will be speaking at the Cleveland Tea Party Freedom Fest tomorrow. This does not mean the Cleveland Tea Party Patriots endorse Ganley, but feel that he has every right to get his message out. We need new blood injected into the political landscape and Ganley is new blood.

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  1. tom ganley is a business man who made his own money... just the thought of tom getting in the race already excites me.. mick maag


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