Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oakland Voters pass a "High Tax" on Weed

Well twist one up and take a lung-blasting power toke! The voters of Oakland, Mexifornia just voted to impose the first ever city-wide tax on weed...

Scheduled to take effect on New Year's Day, the measure created a special business tax rate for the pot clubs, which now pay the same $1.20 for every $1,000 in gross sales applied to all retail businesses. The new rate will be $18.

"It's good business and good for the community," said Richard Lee, who owns the Coffee Shop SR-71 dispensary and Oaksterdam University, a trade school for budding dispensary workers.

Although California's 800 or so pot clubs also are expected to pay state sales tax, Oakland is the first city in the country to create a special tax on marijuana sales. (Yahoo News)

And look at that -- a trade school for selling weed! Now this would've been a class I would have not been thrown out of and (excuse me... toke, toke) could have passed with no problem!


  1. Hey..I've got a flag for you, sweetheart! It's a USA flag, with Lady Liberty, and she's holding a leaf ;-D You'd love it! Perfect!!

  2. Cool!

    I had to read that twice... First I thought you said you have a fag for me!

    And thank you for the cards!~


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