Monday, July 13, 2009

Is India Supporting Terrorists in Pakistan?

The other day I posted on how, like Osama Bin Laden, Baitullah Mehsud would soon become a household name... well here he is again.

There are unconfirmed reports that India, Pakistans sworn enemy, is now getting involved and acting as an enabler for Mehsud. Reports state that as an attempt to cause global concern on the safety of Pakistani nukes, which there already should be, India is paying Mehsud to attack their nuclear installations.

From National Terror Alert --
According to a report by Ahmed Quraishi’s at the International Analyst Network, India has paid terrorist leader Baitullah Mehsud nearly $25 million to mount a spectacular attack on a major Pakistani nuclear site. Government officials have not confirmed this report however; there is speculation that it could be at least part of the reason for the stepped up effort to capture Mehsud and quickly end his reign of terror in the region.

The report states that Meshud has created a special force of nearly 500 recruits to mount the operation, a terror mission intended to “shock the world”. The purpose, Quraishi states, is to create an event that will capture global media attention and convince the world of the need for military intervention in Pakistan. Another objective he says, ” is to neutralize voices of reason within the U.S. government that believe Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is secure”.

While there are no specific details of when the plan was conceived, or whether the 500-strong force, now thought to be operating in smaller cells has been activated, Pakistan remains on a high state of alert, according to the report.

Ahmed Quraishi told the NTARC, “although the Strategic Plans Division (SPD) that oversees Pakistan’s nuclear and strategic programs is taking this threat very seriously, they won’t comment in public. He also added that at least one individual claiming to be a resident of the tribal region has been arrested near Islamabad conducting what appears to be ‘reconnaissance-type activity” in an area designated as a military zone.

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