Monday, July 13, 2009

Where they Stand on Health Care

Below is a link to an awesome spread sheet outlining committees, donations and the positions on socialized health care of our tormented elected idiots in D.C.

From Center for Responsive Politics--
During the past three weeks, Capital Eye has contacted members of five Capitol Hill committees responsible for drafting health care reform legislation. We asked them where they stand on two controversial ideas: implementing a government-run health insurance option to compete with private insurance plans, and mandating that individuals purchase coverage. President Barack Obama and many consumer advocacy organizations back a public option. Republican leaders and most health care sector players -- including insurers, drug makers and doctors' associations -- oppose the idea. Some of these lawmakers had already publicly revealed their positions. Others informed Capital Eye about their leanings through spokesmen. (Since many politicians won't give "yes/no" answers, you'll find explanations for the key terms in the chart below it.)

For lawmakers who either did not respond to our queries or have not publicly announced their views, we noted their response as "no information available."

Download an Excel version of the following information, plus contributions from hospitals, health professionals and nursing homes, to slice and dice the data as you please: Committees.xls (Note: If you do use this data, please be sure to credit CRP.)

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