Sunday, August 9, 2009

Barack Obama: President Pay to Play

Huh, during the campaign I swear I heard then candidate Obama read... "If I'm elected, there will be no more politics as usual in Washington," off his teleprompter.

One of his aides better go get him the screen shot of that remark. It looks like he forgot it in his interview process for pickiing ambassador positions.

From Open Secrets --
President Barack Obama has picked three big bundlers and donors to fill diplomatic posts to Spain, Norway and the European Union.

The three new ambassadors bundled more than $1 million combined toward Obama's election efforts. Overall, they -- along with their immediate family members -- have contributed nearly $2 million to federal candidates since 1989.

The president's ambassadorial announcements come after a relative lull in news of ambassador picks with money-in-politics connections -- a topic we have been covering all summer.

Check out our updated downloaded spreadsheet of campaign contribution data regarding all of Obama's ambassador picks here. (Note, if you do use this data, please be sure to credit CRP.) Obama_ambassador_Data090807.xls

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