Friday, August 7, 2009

Steaming Load of the Week Award: Demoncrat thugs take a dump on inalienable, individual liberty

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --

Steaming Load of the Week Award

Steaming Load #1: Demoncrat thugs take a dump on inalienable, individual liberty.

According to San Fran Nan Pelosi, anyone who disagrees with the Marxist Messiah is a paid stooge of rich conservative lobbyists. If you give blowback to your Elected Tormentor, electronically, or in person at a town meeting, Botox Bitch says you’re a swastika wearing right-wing extremist in a Brooks Brothers suit.

According to the Demoncrat gas bags on Capitol Hill, you no longer merit life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, if you voted on the losing side in the last election. Their message to you is simple, and chilling: "You lost. Shut up." If you persist in exercising your Constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech, Obamunists will rat you out as an enemy of the Messiah by turning in your name to the Red Shed’s new Enemy’s List Czar.

The Demoncrats have plunged headlong into an Orwellian mindset where mindless obeisance to the Marxist Messiah supercedes free speech and mob rule trumps inalienable individual liberty. If you persist in being that arch enemy of the all powerful state, a sovereign individual, thugs who learned the fine art of negotiation from Al Capone and Joe Stalin will put you out of the Marxist Messiah’s misery.

The Demoncrats have turned America’s inalienable individual liberty on its head. Instead of the sovereignty of the individual, the Demoncrats are imposing ‘winner takes all’ tyranny, where losers who try to exercise their liberty birthright will be excoriated, exiled, and exterminated.

The America I know and love placed ‘I disagree with what you say, but will defend with my life, your right to say it’ beyond the reach of aspiring tyrants. In 2009, the Demoncrat TRAITORS have a new mantra: ‘Do you feel lucky, punk?’.

When, exactly, did this land conceived in liberty devolve into Stalinist Russia, Mao’s China and the Tiny Tyrant’s North Korea? When, exactly, did we stop being the ‘Shining City on the Hill' and start being a Gulag, where exercising your individual liberty is a capital crime?

We need to flush this "Shut up, loser" tyranny down the crapper. We need to ‘bitterly’ cling to our inalienable individual liberty, the way we bitterly cling to our guns and Tomes. We need to put these mob rule tyrants out of business, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Enough is enough.

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