Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cuyahoga County says -- "Browns Fan's are Slobs"

I don't think I have ever posted about sports on here -- but there's always a first! And when you talk about stupidity, ignorance, incompetence, losing mentality and a continual wallet-raping of the citizens who or what is the first thing that usually comes to mind -- Cuyahoga County and/or a Cleveland sports team.

Don't you just love the thinking.... since you idiots pay Hobnob & his future terrorist cousin Habeeb $25 for parking at a Browns game.... why can't we gouge you guys too?!?
Football fans will pay from $3 to $25 at the county's two public lots, depending on what surrounding lots are charging on event days, said Deputy Director of Central Services Bartholomew Leneghan.

"We want to keep it full, of course," Leneghan said after Monday's commissioners meeting. "We just want to be competitive."

The meeting agenda called for a vote on increasing prices from $15 to $25 at the Huntington Garage, beneath the old courthouse at Ontario Street and Lakeside Avenue, and from $20 to $25 at the small Courthouse Square surface lot, on the northwest corner of Lakeside Avenue and West Third Street.

Now, after taking away half the drunken fun of going to a Browns game, by turning the legendary tail-gating party's of the loyal Browns fans into dress up Barbie, jacks, pick up sticks and pansy picnics and being forced to mortgage off your first kid so you can afford taking the second kid to a game, buy a over-priced flat beer and have enough nickels to buy a stale hot dog for stuffing in his pie hole long enough to stop him from whining, "I'm cold, the Browns suck & I want to go home" before half time -- you now have to sell the second kid just for parking (this will allow you enough for two overpriced flat beers too).

But it gets better.... besides price gouging of the idiot fans that travel to the stadium paid for by smokers (who can't smoke there) so they can watch the local football team masquerading as the Cleveland Browns who, because they will again suck swollen donkey balls and will have a hard time filling the stadium this year, the other reason given for the price increase -- because Browns fans are slobs....
County Administrator Jim McCafferty said the county needs the hike because of a $300,000 deficit in a garage fund.

Fewer cars have been parking in the garage this year, he said. And costs -- including the overtime paid to custodians to clean up food, beer and pop left strewn over the spaces -- are increasing.

"It's so the rest of the taxpayers don't have to pay to clean up," McCafferty said. (PD)

If Mr. McCafferty and the Commissioners are SOOOO concerned about the tax payers of Cuyahoga County paying for irresponsible actions of others... why don't they use the money from the forced sales tax increase for imaginary Med Mart we had to have built two years ago?

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