Thursday, August 20, 2009

Casinos in OH get CPPA Endorsement

I have long supported gambling in OH, just never the way it has been presented on the ballot. After missing the boat for who knows how many years, there is a plan with sense that may finally get casinos in OH.

A big plus for Issue 3 is that the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Assoc. just endorsed the measure...
The Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association on Wednesday endorsed a plan to change the Ohio Constitution to allow casinos to be built in four cities around the state -- Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and Toledo. The measure, allowing one casino in each city, will appear on November's statewide ballots as Issue 3.

Loomis said building a casino here will keep money in Cleveland that is spent at casinos in neighboring states, will add tax money for the city and will not add crime to the city. After talking with police in cities with casinos, Loomis said it's more likely that a casino will attract more people to downtown so that crime falls rather than bringing problems.

Under Issue 3, Gilbert would be allowed to build and operate a casino in Cleveland and one in Cincinnati. The company Penn National Gaming of Pennsylvania would build casinos in Columbus and in Toledo, where it already has a race track. Those would be the only four casinos allowed unless voters pass another amendment to the state constitution.

Gilbert's committee pushing casinos, once called the Ohio Jobs and Growth Committee, is now using the name "Yes on 3." (PD)


  1. I'm against all gambling on principle. It's just an efficient way to transfer money from stupid people to smart people.

  2. Pauli, thanks for commenting. But you just described many businesses -- should they all be closed too?

    I assume your objections on principle stem from religious views. If so, should churches be stopped from doing Bingo and Vegas Nights?


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