Friday, August 7, 2009

Could this ever happen here?

Oh Boy! The big earred Sparky issuing edicts from the Red Shed (formerly the White House) is really going to be mad at me now! Yep, I'm a rebel and I'm gonna post something not so nice about his health care crap.

Residents of a remote farming town in western China have been barred from leaving after becoming infected with what officials described as the world's most deadly pneumonic plague.

"The plague in Qinghai and the Tibetan plateau is unique ... and it's the most deadly in the world," Wang Hu, the head of Qinghai Provincial Disease Prevention Bureau, said on Thursday.

The highly-infectious disease circulates mainly among small animals like rats and mice, but can also infect humans directly through close contact.

It is curable if treated early with antibiotics. (Al Jazeera)

With the "Earred-One's" push for total control of every iota of our being, if his deathcare proposals pass -- a story like this may soon be coming from the U.S. And, like China, the same questions can still arise....

  • Did the government release this disease on a "certain" population because they disagreed with the government?

  • Is the government quarantining these people because they are dissenting from issued policy?

  • Is the government purposely withholding the antibiotics from a dissenting population?

I am far from being a conspiracy crack pot. But as recent as 8 months ago would you have ever thought our country would be taking over banks and the auto industry in the name of saving our country?

In your wildest dreams, would you have ever believed the President of the United States, in the name of Health Care, would put on a Hitler moustache and ask fellow Americans to turn each other in if they do not agree with a government policy?

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