Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Book of "O"

Refusing to be out done by other dictators and as a way of honoring one of his idols, Chairman Mao, Chairman Obamao will join his Cuban counterpart in memorializing his words...
Cubans accustomed to hourslong speeches, thousand-word essays and lengthy interviews can now get Fidel Castro at a glance, thanks to a new dictionary of El Comandante's teachings.

"Unemployment" and "History" are among the myriad words for which the 339-page paperback provides definitions — based on snippets of speeches, columns and statements dispensed by Castro during the 49 years he governed the communist-run island.

The publication, which the government says is meant to provide guidance to Cuban thinkers, calls to mind the "Little Red Book" of the late Chinese communist leader, Chairman Mao Zedong. (Yahoo News)

The Book of "O" is expected to be highlighted on the Oprah Show, will be distributed free to all schools and will be the book of choice in his new re-education camps.

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