Tuesday, August 4, 2009

RINOvich is on a Roll!

It looks like Senator George RINOvich does it again!

For again sticking his Golden RINO horn up the a$$-crack of conservatism, Sen. George RINOvich -- is once again the recepient of the award created in his honor -- The Senator George Voinovich "Golden RINO Award."

Our can't be retired soon enough Senator from OH was awarded his own award last week for making the idiotic statement of, "he thinks the Republican party has too many fiscal conservatives!"

Putting our money where his drool spittling mouth is, RINOvich voted in support of the $2 billion Bail Out of Chairman Obamao's "Cash for Clunkers" gimmick. Not only did RINOvich support it, his "one more nail in our casket" vote would have saved us $2 billion...
Senate supporters of the program overcame a procedural hurdle by the plan's leading opponent, Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H., on a 60-36 vote, winning the minimum number of votes needed to keep the program in a $106 billion war-spending plan that the Senate passed later Thursday.

Four Republicans — Kit Bond of Missouri, Thad Cochran of Mississippi, Susan Collins of Maine and George Voinovich of Ohio — voted with two independents and 54 Democrats in favor of the clunker measure, while Democrat Ben Nelson of Nebraska was opposed along with 35 Republicans. (WCCO)

Thanks George, you've just helped add more to our national debt by creating a temporary bubble in the auto industry that will decrease less green house gas then you regularly spews from your mouth.

And some just think George is curious about being a true liberal!

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