Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tree Huggers vs. Illegal Immigrants

Oh Boy... this is gonna be great!

The Numbers USA website points out a growing conflict within the korrectnik cadre of "wipe your ass twice with the same square" tree huggers over the impact on the environment by illegal immigrants.

A recent essay posted on an environmental website at Yale University, YaleGlobal, discusses the touchy subject of immigration's impact on environmentalism. The positions that political liberals take on both issues can often contradict each other.

"Moving toward population stabilization would contribute significantly to America’s ability to solve its domestic problems as well as many of those abroad, especially energy and resource consumption, climate change and environmental sustainability..."

Contrary to popular thought, the dominant force fueling America’s demographic growth is not natural increase, but immigration. This is because immigrants not only add their own numbers to the nation’s overall population, but also contribute a disproportionate number of births whose effects are compounded over time.
Yale Global Online.

Even the website in their coverage of the essay points out the sensitivity of the immigration topic for environmentalists.

Obviously this is a touchy subject. Many immigrants are not driven by the desire to make big families that tax the environment....

If they're smart, the illegals will "head out" faster than a cheek splitting spicy burrito eaten at 3:00am after a night of hard drinking!

Destroying almost as many jobs, if not more than the border jumpers, the tree huggers are a force to be reckoned with. In their last battle these fir-loving fanatics launched a full frontal assault by invading the campus of UC Beserkeley.

Led by Zachary RunningWolf and taking refuge in a stand of trees, these deciduous dipweeds halted construction at an athletic center for over a year.

After biting several arborist's trying to peacefully remove them from the trees the tree huggers unleashed an aerial attack with urine and excrement filled balloons on campus officials. UC Beserkeley was forced to call in "tree ninjas" for their eventual removal.

The illegal border jumpers better herd up their goats, round up their roosters, call cousin Paco the Peach Picker in from the fields, yell from the top of the highest taco stand for the rest of their jobstealing cousins to throw the blanket over the burro and head south for the border!

With Pancho Villa long gone - these border jumping bandito's don't stand a chance in a fight against the shaggy bark humping Huns.

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