Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bedford Municipal Court Race: Will the Real Pam O'Bannion Please Stand Up?

This off-year, there are only two contested municipal court races in Cuyahoga County. One is in Parma. The second is right here in Bedford for the seat that currently belongs to Peter Junkin.

You might remember Junkin's name for two reasons. First, it surfaced back in the winter in connection with the on-going FBI probe into county corruption. Second, because he lost to perennial candidate (and before the May primary) and loser Pam O'Bannon. (For the record, I believe Judge Junkin will be cleared of any wrong doing)

Although O'Bannon may not be a good lawyer (she was quietly pushed out of the prosecutor's officer at a time when Stephanie Tubbs Jones was the prosecutor and Marcia Fudge was O'Bannon's supervisor) and isn't that good of a candidate, she has nailed down the art of stealth campaigning.

For instance, she ran against incumbent county judge (and now federal judge) Chris Boyko in 1998. How did she do this? Well, on the west side voters only knew her by her Irish-inspired yard signs bearing her name "Pamela O'Bannon." These voters, therefore, were led to believe that she was the typical Irish girl next door they grew up with.

However, many voters on the eastside were introduced to this Pam O'Bannon:

Well, in 2009, it seems as if Pam O'Bannon has taken the art of deception one step further. At the Solon Homedays parade this year, held at the end of July, this was the Pam O'Bannon that greeted Solon residents.

As you can see, even in this post-racial era of Obama, O'Bannon is still trying to play racial politics. The fact that she is doing so is despicable in and of itself. The fact that it's a judicial candidate doing so is even more egregious. She's supposed to be campaigning for an office where everyone is to be judged fairly, without regard to race, religion or gender, and the law is to be applied equally. Yet she sees fit to try to deceive voters into voting for her simply on the basis of her name.

Given this duplicity, and the fact that she is also intwined intimately ( with the largest corruption probe in the history of our county, is this really who we want sitting as a judge for the fourteen communities the Bedford Municipal Court serves?


  1. Isn't this fraud? How can the BOE let her do this?

  2. being fraudulent isnt exactly something that i want from a judge

    hopefully the BOE or the Plain Dealer get a hold of this and expose her for what she is

  3. This is why you have to vote for Harry Jacob, he's the only candidate who is qualified to be judge and isn't a fraud.

  4. I'm glad someone took a pic of this, I was at Solon and thought this lady was O'Bannon!

  5. This shows she is ashamed of who she is and does not think she can win as an Afican American Women great message to send to all young Afican American Women and to the Afican American community in general. Way to go Pam you should be so proud of yourself.

  6. Pam O'Bunion is typical of a modern day politician... do and say anything to get elected.
    With her record, this should come as no shocker.

    I do not think it is illegal to do what she did in the Solon parade, but I do think it is unethical. Where we are at in Cuyahoga County and our country as a whole... another unethical politician is the last thing we need.

    I believe O'Bunion actions disgrace the bench and the integrity of Lady Justice. This women is obviously not fit to serve as a judge in our community.

  7. If she is such a poor candidate, who are the people that support her and why?

  8. Jacob is ethical?

    Sorry, chocked on my Yukon!!

  9. Why would people vote for her? First, you are talking about Cuyahoga County voters... have you seen what has been running our couty? They always get re-elected. So much for the thinking of our area voters. A good example is the anon comment right below yours.

    For the last Anon...

    So because Jacobs drives a Yukon he is unethical? Great Thinking process you twit!

    I would rather have a guy driving a Yukon dispensing justice in our community than a women who would purposely misrepresent herself.

  10. To the Anon poster. Jacob does not even drive a yokon that shows just how much you know about him. At least he is not trying to fool voters into thinking he is someone else. Since you seem to know so much what ethical misconduct are you talking about. All my research points to none. Are you working for O'Bannon trying to cause waves when there are none. Now if you want to talk about poor judgment and lack of ethics Pam has shown that she has those traits by doing what she did at Solon Home Days.

  11. I second that the last anon is a total twit! Do you even know who Jacob is? He doesn't even drive a Yukon. Way to be observant. Jacob at least served on the ethics committee and wasn't fired/pushed out of a position due to ethical reasons unlike others running. If you want to bring up ethics how about O'Bannon and her ethics. She can't even live a moral lifestyle. Not now or even in the past. Do some searching and you'll see.

  12. Correction, someone else posted before me so its not the last anon thats the twit, the one that choked or "chocked".

  13. To the anon at 9:55 a.m.:

    You wouldn't by chance be talking about the felonious and aggravated assault case against her ex-husband, Kenneth Himons (who found O'Bannon in bed cheating on him) would you?


  14. I guess King was right on the money will the real Pam O'Bannon please stand-up?

  15. Anon 10:24 --

    Thats how I came up with the name of the site King's Right Site... cuz I'm da King and I'm always right! LOL

    Prince --- uhm... I'd pay her to cheat on me!

  16. I did not know much about Pamela O'Bannon, so I googled her name and this site came up. This is what I learned:

    1. liar
    2. cheater
    3. fraud
    4. unethical

    I guess if you ok with that then vote for her. Just to be fair I googled Jacob's name as well and this what I found:

    1. A website for judge that lists what he has done in his 28 year career (

    2. nothing about him came up unethical (poster might what to check facts)

    Choice is easy if you ask me. On his website it stated he is walking door to door in Bedford, so open your door and meet him and make your mind up from there and if O'Bannon starts walking door to door open it for her too cause I would like to here answers to all this wouldn't you?

  17. I've seen Jacob out a lot at community events and he was very open and friendly when we approached. I would say if you have questions for him, ask. We did and are satisfied he will do a fine job.


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