Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Cafaro for U.S. Senate?

I found this about the opportunistic new Ohio Senator Capri Cafaro posted by Ron Lisy at "A-Team Ohio"

U.S. Senator Capri Cafaro?

I haven't seen it mentioned elsewhere, but I have heard rumors that newly appointed Ohio Senator and frequent candidate Capri Cafaro (D-Who this hell knows this week), is already looking past her 2008 re-election for the Ohio Senate seat she was appointed to, and planning to run statewide in 2010 for U.S. Senate; either challenging George Voinovich, or pursuing the open seat Voinovich would retire from.

Does her family fortune and four years of legislative experience make her a contender?

For more info on Capri check these links--http://bigworld1.blogspot.com/2006/02/whats-going-on-in-ohios-13th.html


  1. Absolutely...she would do a great job. Capri for Senate.

  2. i think i'd rather like her ass than George's.

  3. As I understand, Cafaro calls the Upper East Side of Manhattan home. It's only when she's campaigning that she even bothers to come to Ohio.

  4. Thanks anon! You are why I will be changing back to registered users only - Jerk Off!

    Typical democrat, hide behind a post name.

    I think Capri calls any place she thinks she can buy votes home!

    Being Italian/Sicilian, I love when other Italians get elected. I do not hold her father against her, but this girl is as phony and dumb as a post.


  5. "Eliot Ness"February 6, 2007 at 7:39 PM

    Capri's father J.J. Cafaro has long wanted to have a Senator in the family, according to former US Aerospace employees.



  6. Other than being a crook, I liked Traficant. He was a colorful guy.

    I have no problem with her trying to "buy" the seat. All politicians do to some extent. It is she is just so dumb and scripted.

    J.J.'s money bought him an appointment. He wi;ll try to buy a Senate seat now.

    Good thing is she is about the only person Voinovich will be able to beat.

    He is starting to wear his welcome thin.


  7. J.J. should be in a cell right next to big Jim's. As big a crook as they come.


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