Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Ohio Retard Party

This is simply amazing! This is a testament on the incompetence of the many short bus riding, window-licking retards we have running the Ohio Republican Party!

On the left you will see a picture of Frank Russo from FL. Mr. Russo is a FL businessman and never lived in Ohio. On the right we see Frank Russo the Cuyahoga County Auditor facing a federal corruption probe.

Big Deal! Right?!? It is when the retards of the Ohio Republican Party sends out a flyer attacking the Russo on the right and includes a picture of the Russo on the left.

Yep, attempting to help Nan Baker in her race against Jennifer Brady for the Ohio House 16th District seat, the dolts running the Ohio Republican Party sent out a flyer picturing the wrong Russo....

And what would a ORP blunder be without the typical shirking of responsibilities? Speaking on behalf of the ORP is the lack of accountability poster child for the party - Chairman Rob "It's never my fault" Frost - of the Republicant Party of Cuyahoga County...

From WTAM --

Rob Frost of the Cuyahoga County Republican Party says the printing vendor got the picture wrong, and it was caught by GOP proofers. But for some reason, Frost says the incorrect picture wound up back in the final print.

Frost says the ad was paid for by the Ohio Republican Party, and they will ultimately be responsible for correcting the error.

Frank Russo of Florida tells Newsradio WTAM 1100 that at first he thought it was a joke when we contacted him. He is considering legal action because he feels the use of his photo casts him in a negative light.

Russo tells us that he has never been to Cleveland or Cuyahoga County.
Blame it on the printer! I guess the printers hired by the ORP are supposed to OK the final proof after the alleged corrections were made. Nothing like accountability huh?

I hope the Russo from FL breaks it off in the ORP's ass!


  1. Where are all the posts running to these idiots' defense? I also don't see my other favorite post "don't complain, do something productive." Probably because all of the party apologists realize you can't really do anything productive when the idiots in charge completely undermine our own campaigns with their incompetence. The ORP and the McCain campaign hire too many arrogrant little jerks right out of college with their freshly minted Poli Sci degrees who think they know everything. Arrogant little $hi*$!!! Tell Frost to pick up a broom and start sweeping county HQ, so at least we can get something for his salaries.

  2. Frost needs to go out with the trash!

  3. That is unbelievable. Nothing to defend. You cant make a mistake like that. You just cant.

  4. Ben – How right you are! But as you know this type of our party members routinely accept incompetence by our leaders. The party members, by continually staying silent – allow, in fact encourage, the piss poor leadership to continue.

    A move like this should cost someone their job! No questions, no excuses, no second chances – nothing but the door hitting them in the ass on the way out.

    We are not running races for Senior Class President or PTA Mom of the Year – these guys are supposed to be pro's at this stuff. Ask them - they'll tell ya!

    Frost talks about the mistake being caught and the printer informed to make the corrections – I wonder who, if anyone, reviewed the proof and gave the OK to proceed AFTER the corrections were made.

    I do not believe this is Frosts screw up. Though I do believe the tool is schilling for Papa Bennett and trying to cover the ORP – so by defending this bulnder, it makes Frost no better.

    Frost states the ORP is going to correct the error! How do you correct this error? Send out new ones with the right picture saying - sorry, our printer screwed up?

    How do you correct the damage done to our candidate by this move? I would love to hear Frost explain how the damage is reversed.

    How do you fix the party going out giving your opponent ammunition that can be used against you...

    While my opponent tries linking me to a corruption probe - they victimize an innocent man living over 2000 miles away.

    I won't go on because the ORP has already done enough to harm our candidate, Nan Baker, who is hands down a better candidate. She has a tough battle and let's hope this does not cause too much damage.

    I would venture to say the f-tards at the ORP did not do there homework and are so out of touch they did not even know they were using the wrong Frank Russo’s picture.

  5. I have to agree that the RPCC and the ORP hires and promotes too many fresh college graduates and Young Republican Club members (GOD Bless the YR)
    Their youth and inexperience makes them prone to making mistakes (e.g. the Brady Bunch embarrassment.)
    Meanwhile those who do have campaign experience and knowhow and have actually done the work in years past are left scratching their heads as to the sad state of these campaigns.
    Those who are handed a position or even a paid job because daddy or an uncle or aunt gave a sum of money or because they hobnobbed with the right goobersmoochers will never appreciate ,nor work ,with the dedication and consciousness as those who have earned their stripes through prior sacrifices and political combat.
    The Party suffers when those who do the really heavy lifting are kicked to the curb for a 'connected' dolt.

  6. I must confess I really don't know much about Nan Baker. All I know as a Second Amendment activist is that she is rated a "D" by the NRA, her DEMOCRAT opponent is rated higher, and Buckeye Firearms Association endorsed her opponent. Once again we find conservative grassroots organizations having to endorse Democrats because the Republican Party has abandoned its principals and instead runs crusading gun control activists.

    The Dems have beat us to the punch. They have nuetralized our most vocal, loyal, and activist constituency. They promised and delivered on conservation protections for hunting and fishing lands and rights, promised and delivered on concealed carry, promised and delivered on statewide pre-emption, and promised and delivered on civil rights protections.

    Meanwhile we dither and dather, run socialist country clubbers and social climbers with no connection to the base of our party let alone the general public. I would never have thought ten years ago that the RPCC would be a haven of gun control freaks and grassroots gun owner activists would be unwelcome. Very sad.

  7. Funny. GOPFlame said, "those who have earned their stripes". He should know.

  8. You know buddy I was in prison with the GOPFlame before he was the GOPFlame 1982 to beexact
    You know I can tell you if you had crossed him then like you try to do now he would have broken your back.
    If I were you I would not push him too far even today. He has been sober and clean for a goodmany years but having known him when he was notI would never never want to see him truly angry.

  9. I see STeve Backiel is back on King's Right Site, viz. "Funny. GOPFlame said, "those who have earned their stripes". He should know."

    B$@%H, please!

    I suggest that you and Rob Frost get the type writers out and start working on the resume.

  10. Anon –

    Couple things…

    First I have known GOP Flame for a couple years. Though we are unable to have a phone conversation for longer than 10 minutes without arguing – I trust him more than 95% of the other people in this party. Do I agree with him all the time? No and he does not always agree with me – thus the reason for our short phone conversations.

    Second - Many people do stupid things and get in trouble when they are younger. It is what they do as they grow up that counts. Did they learn their lesson? Did they pay for their misdeeds? How did they learn from something bad to improve their life?

    Since everyone and their mother knows by now, (I don’t believe GOP Flame will be upset) he was young, dumb and drunk and screwed up by taking a joy ride in a car with his buddies. He got caught – many of us that were hoodlums did much worse when we were younger – but we did not get caught. Damn, I made a living legally stealing cars for 10 yrs.

    If his past is such a concern – you may want to look into some recent legal troubles of some current party officers. I’d say start looking in the western suburbs.

    Third - GOP Flame has earned his stripes! I have never known of him to say no when it comes to helping one of our candidates. He is always willing to knock doors, do lit drops, phone calls, etc… whenever asked. By the way – he was once a union democrat and is now a staunch conservative.

    As for anyone bending anyone over….

    The RPCC Central Committee members are routinely bent over by the leadership. The residents of Cuyahoga County are routinely bent over by both the Dumbacrats running this county & the invisible Republicants that slink behind the dems picking up the crumbs they are thrown.

    That being said, I have yet to see anybody in the RPCC that I would even be remotely concerned about kicking my ass or bending me over. So if I am not worried – you can be sure GOP Flame is not worried.

  11. I get young and dumb in the 1980's but this is from recent activity:

    Check the Cuyahoga County courts for GOPFLAME.

    Event Date Event
    08/23/2007 INDICTED ORIGINAL
    09/07/2007 JAIL
    09/07/2007 ARRAIGNED
    09/07/2007 BAIL
    09/25/2007 PRETRIAL HELD
    10/09/2007 PRETRIAL HELD
    10/24/2007 PRETRIAL HELD
    11/05/2007 FINAL PRETRIAL HELD
    11/05/2007 CONTINUANCE
    11/16/2007 PRETRIAL HELD
    11/16/2007 CONTINUANCE
    12/18/2007 PRETRIAL HELD
    01/22/2008 FINAL PRETRIAL HELD
    02/06/2008 PRETRIAL HELD
    03/20/2008 FINAL PRETRIAL HELD
    04/07/2008 CONTINUANCE
    04/08/2008 PLEA
    04/08/2008 SENTENCED
    07/02/2008 CAPIAS
    07/08/2008 JAIL
    07/23/2008 LEAVING JAIL
    07/23/2008 PV HELD

  12. Nice! What was the charge on the above incidents?

    What do you think about that Ebony Grantonz girl? How come nobody is talking about her 2004 theft & D.U.S. conviction in North Olmstead?

    04 CRB 1288 Grantonz, Ebony F

    06/22/2004 No Contest - Found Guilty Charge #1: Theft

    07/29/2004 11:55:51 NON PAYMENT Capias Sent on 07/29/04 Non Payment Capias Issued

    11/08/2004 Alert Issued Probation Viol Capias issued on: 11/08/2004 For: Grantonz, Ebony F

    12/01/2004 Alert Cancelled Probation Viol Capias canceled on: 12/01/2004 For: Grantonz, Ebony F

    12/01/2004 11/30/04 At request of Community Control Officer, Community Control Violation Capias withdrawn. Defendant ordered to complete TIP program.

    08/27/2008 Motion for Expungement filed Receipt: 333742

    Emmert is a loser wanna be that makes a fool of himself, this Ebony girl is 2nd in charge of your party, a bailiff and your new poster girl.

    And your party says they want to bring change to cuyahoga county. Yeah Right!



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