Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cross-Dressing Mayor Hits Police Dept. with His/Her Purse

East Cleveland Mayor Eric (Erica) Brewer has finally admitted the pics released of him dressed as a woman are him. The Mayorette appears to also be getting teased from his son for being a cross-dressing fruit...
East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer admitted Tuesday that he dressed in women's lingerie in photos that many say derailed his re-election chance last month, a television program reported.

"That is me in those pictures," Brewer told Inside Edition, adding that he put the clothes and wig on at the suggestion of a girlfriend, according to the program that aired on WOIO Channel 19.

Brewer told Inside Edition that he is concerned about the possible embarrassment to his son, Chase.

"He has been relentless in teasing me," the mayor said during the interview. "I'm dad. I'm mom. He hasn't called me Tootsie yet." (PD)

They say there is nothing like a woman scorned -- Well it appears that saying goes for he/she cross dressers too.

Mayor Girlieman believes the East Cleveland Police Dept. was behind the release of the pictures and has asked that they be investigated. Along with this, he is cutting the police force and blaming his opponent in the Mayors race for the cuts....
East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer said Wednesday that he will cut 19 police department employees in an attempt to slice a $981,000 shortfall.

"The mayor is lashing out at anyone and everyone whom he believes helped him lose his job," said Michael Piotrowski, the union's lawyer. "This is a lame-duck mayor who seems (interested in) getting revenge before he goes."

In the statement, Brewer blamed the cuts on mayor-elect Gary Norton, who defeated Brewer in the Democratic primary. Since there is no Republican in the race, Norton becomes the mayor Jan. 1. (PD)

You Go Girl!

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