Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cuyahoga County Political Parties Get Drunk Off Your Donations

The PeeDee is reporting that both the Cuyahoga County Republican & Democratic Parties were recently caught by the Ohio Auditor's Office (Mary Taylor) for paying for alcohol out of accounts intended to pay "maintenance costs for party headquarters, voter registration programs and fund-raising drives."

2008 - Booze Fund
Cuyahoga County Republicans - $1,284
Cuyahoga County Democrats - $1,318

Remember we only know about this money because they spent it from the wrong accounts. We have no idea how much they have spent on alcohol from their unrestricted accounts during the year. This shows just how out of touch both parties are and how little respect they even have for their own donors. How much respect do you think they have for you, the average tax payer, who fills their troughs through taxation when they are in office?

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  1. LOL! The RPCC can't even beat the dems in drinking!

    Maybe they needed the money from this account so they can pay for them big salaries and little production positions.


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