Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cuyahoga County Reform -- Issue 6 Co-Chair Blunders In Own City

Parma Hts Mayor Martin Zannotti is the co-chair for Issue 6 - Cuyahoga County Reform. If someone is unable to get charter issues for their own city correct -- do we really want this show of leadership wizardry heading up any type of reform effort at county level?

From --
City residents may vote on charter Issue 65 this November, but those votes won't be counted.

Because of problems with the ballot language that was sent to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, city leaders told the board that the issue to create a system of ward council representatives is invalid and that votes should not be tallied.

It's too late to remove the issue, and some early voters have already sent in their ballots.

Exactly how the error was made is unknown, but board Director Jane Platten said her office printed what Parma Heights sent.

Parma Heights has more than 10 charter issues on the November ballot, but this one is particularly complex.

One thing to note is.... the charter language in Issue 6 could have been broken up and voted on individually like the one they were trying above. This way it wouldn't be a take it or leave type of reform.

The comments on the post are very telling as to what Parma Hts people think about the their mayor.


  1. Parma Heights does not deserve this "target" for the seemingly high number of charter proposals on the ballot...this happens rather often as town after town hits its mandated charter review date.
    One of the good things about charter review is that a small group of citizens studies the charter from several vantage points. Hopefully, a savvy law director advises them on what's possible to change and trends in other cities. Their deliberations are open to the public and usually many city employees voice opinions about what needs changed or should stay put. This is
    all a part of democracy. Let's champion these processes.

  2. Oh Please! Zasnotti is an idiot! I live in Bedford -- we also have a charter. And NO screwing up the ballot language does not happen often.

    Thanks for the education on the Charter, but I am fully aware of what can and cannot be done with a charter. Funny that Zanotti will have a charter review conducted by a small group of residents there but on the county killing Issue 6 Reform, he wants to charter review to be appointed by the new County Czar if God Forbid it passes.

    Nice try trying to protect the blundering boob!


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