Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vote Harry Jacob for Bedford Municipal Court

Below you will find some comparative information on the two candidates running for Judge in the Bedford Municipal Court.


Harry Jacob
  • 28 years of FULL-TIME practice of law
  • 25+ years of litigation experience in Bedford Court

Pam O’Bannon

  • "O’Bannon said she has never practiced law in the Bedford Muny Court, nor has she ever even been inside the building." -- Bedford Sun, May 6, 2009

Harry Jacob
  • Endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police, George Murray Lodge #67
  • Chair, City of Solon of Solon Civil Service Commission
  • Past Chair, St. Rita Parish Council
  • Past Member, St. Rita Finance Council
Pam O'Bannon
  • O’Bannon "surfaced in the county corruption probe." "O’Bannon, meanwhile, had ties to J. Kevin Kelley, a former Parma school board member who has been charged in the corruption probe and appears to be cooperating with investigators." -- Plain Dealer, June 27, 2009

  • "Surrender(ed) her e-mails after the schools were subpoenaed by the feds (as part) of a wide-ranging probe of public corruption in Cuyahoga County." -- Plain Dealer, March 30, 2009

Harry Jacob

  • Chair of the County Bar Ethics Committee 1997–2002, member 1994–2002
  • Past Chair County Bar Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee
  • Past member County Bar Grievance Committee
Pam O'Bannon
  • "Pamela O’Bannon – who served as president of the Warrensville Heights School Board last year – worked as an office assistant in Frank Russo’s office until 2002, when she went to work for Parma schools’ business department. At the time, the business department was controlled by J. Kevin Kelley, whom O’Bannon had befriended when the two worked for Russo." -- Plain Dealer, March 25, 2009
Judicial Ratings Coalition

Harry Jacob
  • Rated "Good" by the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, the Cuyahoga Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and the Norman S. Minor Bar Association.
Pam O'Bannon
  • Rated "Not Recommended" by all three bar associations
From just the information above it would appear Jacob is clearly the "clean" candidate and should be elected. But as a resident of Bedford I would like to expand on this a little more.

I have seen Jacob's going door to door many, many times over the past month or so, not to mention his presence at ALL of our community festivals through the year. On the other hand O'Bannon has been missing in action on the campaign trail and in the City. Which makes me think... does she feel entitled to this seat?

If her missing in action qualities are representative of the work she will do on the bench -- why would anybody want her as a judge? Though her "missing in action" tendencies are consistent with her -- never yet stepping a foot inside the court she wishes to serve. Maybe she want to just 'ride' the bench?

The City of Bedford and the communities served under the Bedford Municipal Court jurisdiction are currently experiencing issues that need to be dealt with by a combination of strict adherence to the law - yet an understanding of the communities it serves. Jacobs has taken the time to show he is concerned, he cares and he understands the law.

On the other hand, showing she does not have the work ethic, personal ethics and does not care about the court jurisdiction she will represent -- "Missing in Action" O'Bannon is too lazy and does not care enough to even participate in a parade with her supporters (as seen here) and feels there is nothing wrong with misrepresenting herself!



  1. Nice post, King. The choice in this race should be a no-brainer.

  2. Yeah, I really don't want O'Bannon anywhere near this court. I want Bedford to remain strong.

  3. I look at it this way... if she is not truthful enough to be herself in the campaign that it:

    1.) Lends creedence to any corruption allegations
    2.) Shows she is not to be trusted in her personal life - which obviously means she cannot be trusted as a Judge.

  4. King,

    Looks like you were ahead of the curve again. The PD endorsed him this morning.



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