Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Talk about BIG Government!

I found this on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website...
With more than 1.8 million civilian employees, the Federal Government, excluding the Postal Service is the Nation’s largest employer.

About 9 out of 10 Federal employees work outside the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

The Federal Government is the Nation’s single largest employer. Because data on employment in certain agencies cannot be released to the public for national security reasons, this total does not include employment for the Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, and National Imagery and Mapping Agency.

The Post Office is a quasi-government agency and receives government funding, but let's give a "pass" on that one.

If you want to shake your head in big government disbelief, here is the link for the BLS. Here you can read the roles & descriptions of the bureaucratic bevy of unnecessary, unproductive, unresponsive agencies and departments that billions of our dollars are wasted on.

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