Friday, October 16, 2009

Join the Cleveland 9.12 Protest at the Plain Dealer

A big problem in our country today is the MSM, the fishwraps called newspapers and how they routinely misrepresent the facts to fit their agenda. A perfect example of this would be the recent Sissy March in DC. Approximately 10,000 gays, queers, he/she's and freaks had a sissyfest in DC for Gay Rights. The MSM and newspapers couldn't give this event enough coverage and was the topic of the day(s).

On the other hand -- 2 million conservatives from across the country gather in DC on 9/12 and the coverage was scant at best and crowd estimates were not even close to being accurate. Here in Cleveland we are routinely subject to the eye-bleeding print of the paper not fit to line a bird cage or potty train a puppy with -- The Plain Dealer (or Propaganda Dealer for some of us).

The tree-killing rag, The Plain Dealer (PD), routinely misreports conservative events or news at a national and local level. This rag, the PD, is one of the main reasons Cuyahoga County is in the situation we are in today as the PD routinely endorsed and gave out blanket endorsements for many of the officials involved in the Cuyahoga County corruption scandal. Not to mention how they always spread the propaganda for the silver butt bullet projects pressed by the so-called leaders of this area.

Topping off the propaganda being spewed by this slowly dying fishwrap would be none other than Connie Schultz and her vile scribblings. If Schultz is not pushing propaganda for her husband Senator Sherrod "Single Payer" Brown she is usually heaving attacks on anything conservative -- or better yet, anything that is not in line with her progressive thoughts.

The below rally's being hosted by the Cleveland 9.12 is only the start for what many of the conservative groups have in OH for the PD. Along with this, a campaign targeted at the few advertisers the PD has left will soon follow shortly thereafter.

From the Cleveland 9.12 Group --

Operation: Can You Hear Us Now?

Over 120 rallies across the country are scheduled for Saturday, October 17 to protest bias in the mainstream media. The Cleveland Downtown 9.12 Project is holding two rallies.

[1] Rush Hour Rally

Friday, October 16, 4:30-6pm
The Plain Dealer 1801 Superior Ave. Cleveland, OH 44113

[2] Nationwide Media Protest Rally

Saturday, October 17 1pm-3pm
The Plain Dealer Production Center
4800 Tiedeman Rd , Brooklyn , Ohio 44144

Over 1.2 million Tea Party Patriots and 9.12 members marched on Washington , DC to protest legislators who are no longer listening to their constituents. Rally-goers protested, e.g., reckless spending, big government, and corruption. Much of American did not know about this protest (the largest in US history) because most of the mainstream media failed to report it. So we are taking the protest to the media itself. For further information, please go to the national website at

Watch the 60-second video promotion of the two Cleveland rallies at

Contact: Diana Price, Cleveland Downtown 9.12 Project

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