Monday, October 5, 2009

The Million Dollar Smack Down

After jetting off to Copenhagen for a impassioned, personal & presidential plea for bringing the Olympics to Chicago, Obama was given a, "Thanks for coming Commander in Chief Sparky - but we'll pass on that crime infested, politically corrupt town you called home."

With nothing more pressing going on here in the states (???), why not throw a couple bucks worth of jet fuel in Air Force 1 take a trip across the Atlantic....
President Barack Obama's failed bid to bring the 2016 Olympic Games to Chicago cost more than a bruised ego.

Taxpayers shelled out probably $1 million or more for the president, his wife and others to fly to Copenhagen and back to woo members of the International Olympic Committee.

A 2006 congressional study pegged the cost of flying Air Force One at $56,518 an hour. The Pentagon recently said it cost $100,219 an hour to fly the huge, reconfigured Boeing 747 without Obama aboard. The Pentagon estimate included more costs for support needs, such as maintenance. (Yahoo News)

Staffers claim Obama's Aunt Tootie is upset. Left at home so she could watch the kids while the Prez, the First Lady and others increased our carbon footprint on this transatlantic jaunt, Aunt Tootie is angry she got a shirt that read, "My nephew the President went to Copenhagen and all I got was this shirt!"

Next up on the Presidents travel schedule... A grand opening at Wal Mart!

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