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Cuyahoga County Reform -- Exposing MORE lies about Issue 6

The start of this post begins with a post from Roldo Bartimole. The latter part of the post is all King (me).

Many of you may not know or have not read Roldo's stuff before -- but when it come to Cuyahoga County -- you should. Roldo, far left of our thinking is 99% correct on most of the things he posts about this area. This man, again left of most of our views, is simply the best when it come to inside knowledge of Cuyahoga County and the players killing this area.

Once again, Roldo is dead on with his views about Issue 5 & Issue 6...

From Roldo at the Cleveland Leader --

Memo to Susan Goldberg, Pee Dee editor: Stop making the news and start reporting it.

Today it was “economic development” again as the Pee Dee attributed nonsensical advantages to Issue 6, which, of course, the Pee Dee strongly backs. It’s a supposed County reform issue that has too many holes in it. Big holes.

Eliminating elective functioning offices – sheriff, treasurer, recorder, and auditor - except the County Prosecutor is an invitation to a king-maker position for Bill Mason, present prosecutor and prime mover of Issue 6. Mason doesn’t deserve the promotion.

It just doesn’t make sense. It isn’t reform. It’s merely change. Not good enough.

Anyway, today the Pee Dee gives a major Page One headline for a story that tries to suggest that voting for Issue 6 means you are voting for economic development. Please! There is no substantive evidence that this is true or even near true.

It does, however, give Issue 6 another push. That’s the purpose.

I’m not for either Issue 5 – a dodge engineered by Democrats and Labor – or Issue 6, a choice that EXPANDS not reforms Cuyahoga County government by giving us 11 County Commissioners. Oh, I know they aren’t called Commissioners. But that’s what they’ll think they are.

It is a measure that will end up dividing the county into fiefdoms. That’s something we just don’t need. Can you imagine more than one pompous Tim Hagan?

So remember if you vote YES on 6, no matter what you do with 5, you’re still going to get 11. Eleven new politicians to support. And that’s the truth.
The so-call limited government conservatives supporting Issue 6 are delusional in thinking that for some reason MORE government will work to fix the problem we face here. Hmm, I thought smaller government was wrapped up by the conservatives -- yet they continue their blind, though well intentioned support of a knee-jerk change to the structure of our county government.

We scream daily about the "change" made for changes sake in the Red Shed (Formerly the White House) -- but, like a Dick Cheney hunting trip, wildly miss the target on this one.

Below is the Issue 6 propaganda being pushed by the local fishwrap, The Plain Deceiver (Plain Dealer) that I believe Roldo is referring...

Issue 6 -- one of two competing reform issues on November's ballot -- not only would restructure Cuyahoga County government, it would also mandate a focus on creating jobs. Without economic development, Issue 6 backers say, the county cannot support its original purpose, providing health and human services.

Director of development: The county executive would appoint a development director, subject to approval of the county council. The charter insists that the director have a record of "experience and accomplishment, in the public or private sector, or both, in economic development matters."

Development Department: Among other things, the department would coordinate the county's programs related to economic development, including identifying causes of unemployment and coming up with solutions.

Economic Development Commission: The commission would oversee the Development Department. Each of the following would select one commission member: The county executive, the county council, the Cleveland mayor, the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority, the Cuyahoga County Mayors and City Managers Association, the Greater Cleveland Partnership, the executive secretary of the North Shore Federation of Labor. One member also would be selected by nonprofit and educational organizations engaged in county economic development. The county council would determine those groups.

Amazing! This is a great example of how the Propaganda Dealer (Plain Dealer), shill's for the Greater Cleveland Partnership and bucking to keep their fast dwindling advertisement money from the businesses in this group, would never let the truth or objective reporting get in their way when it comes to keeping their struggling tree-killing paper alive.

The same groups mentioned above -- Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority, the Cuyahoga County Mayors and City Managers Association, the Greater Cleveland Partnership -- are the biggest failure when it comes to anything in Cuyahoga County.

The Port continues wasting money on the pipe dream of getting container traffic since the 70's, the Cuyahoga County Mayors and City Managers Assoc. & the Greater Cleveland Partnership have already been working on "economic development" for this area. AS we can see -- they have continually failed. But now, if they can get Issue 6 passed -- their plans will work out. PLEASE!!!

What you see above in this PD propaganda is code language for regionalism. Or taking money from successful cities and giving it to failing cities. Issue 6 co-chair Judy Rawson has already stated that a County Executive can force cities to toe the line on regionalism efforts by threatening any funds they receive from the county. Wouldn't this be like a County Czar?

Do you really think this status quo group of players that have continually failed us -- but conveniently lined their pockets on the backs of the Cuyahoga County residents will change if their power consolidating version of reform passes?


  1. Thanks

    I find it simply amazing that some people in this county cannot see the forest through the trees.

    By putting the Sheriff, Engineer & Auditor under the thumb of the County Czar and taking the vote away from the people will do nothing but consolidate all the power and just beg for corruption, patronage and other chicanery.

    This is not a check and balance -- this is highway robbery. If Issue 6 really wanted to reform the area they would have done a couple things;

    1.) Put the Charter on the ballot and seperate th structural changes for a vote. Example being... Do you want a County Charter? Do you want the Sheriff to be elected or appointed?, etc...

    2.)For a true check & balance and not the farcical one they claim Issue 6 would bring... the County Executive, who would be responsible for the daily operations of the county, would appoint Department Heads. The County Council would appoint the Auditor & Engineer.

    This would be a true check & balance, would seperate the powers and be more in line with the city manager form of govt. they are trying to install for the county.

    3.) To appease the bumbling RPCC who can't win an election because of the poor candidates they put up --- Instead of gerrymandering into districts with a couple favorable to the RPCC they should make the county elections non-partisan. There are some Republican judges. So the RPCC whine that "the democrats won't elect us" holds no water.

    Example: Judge Eileen A. Gallgher, hated by both the area dems, Mason & the RPCC, was allowed, by the RPCC, to run unopposed in her last election. So much for can't win elections.


    People must remember... it is not the structure of our county govt that is wrong -- again -- it the people we elect. Except for Cuyahoga County this form of govt. works in 86 other counties. Summit County is the only chartered county in the state of 88 counties.

    There is a need for change - but that will come with ridding ourself of the same group of people and groups that have been controlling this area. Issue 6 is crafted and being pushed by these same people.

    This would be the same people & groups that refused us a vote for the Med Mart forced sales tax increase and refused any public input on crafting Issue 6.

    Issue 6 is more like what you see in Iran or other countries when early elections are held too consolidate the power for the ruling party. Or you can say it is a page out of the Rahm Emmanuel book of -- "Crisis" The Way to get things done that the public would not normally allow!

    The people in this county are screaming for change. They must understand the change can only come from them -- not the structure of our government.

    Now that people are awake and realize they MUST be involved in every aspect of the election process, from the selection of candidates to election day can we start to make change.

    In a way -- with this awakening of the people -- our reform is already taking place. Let's hope they do not kill it by supporting Issue 6. I would say vote against Issue 5 & Issue 6. But if someone must vote for one of these reform proposals, I would urge it to be for Issue 5 and select the conservative leaning candidates for the charter review panel.


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