Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is Bedford Municipal Court Candidate - Pamela O'Bannon -- trying to ACORN her way in office?

This blog has stated several times that Pamela O'Bannon is not fit to serve on Bedford Court. I will take it a step further... O'Bannon is not fit to serve free lunches at a homeless shelter let alone serve on a court in which she adjudicate law and will be dealing with peoples lives.

The latest mishap for this hopeful judicial misfit was, instead of being out on the campaign trail knocking doors meeting the voters, O'Bunyon is utilizing "robo-calls" in her race against Harry Jacobs to win a seat on Bedford Municipal Court.

But one of O'Bunyon's supporters, a State Senator from OH, was campaigning for her in an ACORNish way.....

From Channel 3 WKYC --

State Senator Nina Turner (D-25th District) says she has pulled a telephone campaign phone message she recorded in support of Bedford Municipal Court candidate Pamela O'Bannon.

The automated phone calls, also known as "robo-calls," were being automatically dialed to voters in communities in the Bedford Municipal Court district.

Turner's message in support of O'Bannon says, in part, to "vote early, vote often, vote Democrat."

When informed that a constitutent had brought the call to the attention of WKYC, Turner said it was not her intention to encourage people to vote multiple times.

"What I was saying is that people should become involved in the electoral process," she told WKYC. "That they should vote in every election, in the primaries and special elections."

"It was never my intention to encourage anything illegal," Turner said.

It may not have been Turner's intentions to do anything illegal, but... well, lets just say -- O'Bunyon has been linked, but not yet charged or cleared, in the Cuyahoga County corruption scandal.

To be honest... I'm really surprised they did not say the calls were really being made for the OTHER Pam O'Bannon.

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