Friday, October 23, 2009

Is RINOvich cozying up with the Climate Kooks?

The Curious Conservative -- Senator George RINOvich -- is getting ready to ram his golden horn up the ass crack of conservatism... again!

H/T Aude Sapere Blog for this great find on "The Great Horned One" in the NYT --

And Voinovich said Democratic sponsors have not reached out to him to negotiate on the legislation. “I think Senator Kerry and Senator Boxer are trying to get the most aggressive bill they can get out of the Senate EPW Committee,” he said. “As a result of that, I don’t think that they are as interested in negotiating as they might ordinarily.”

Voinovich added that he expects Democrats to press for more bipartisan talks early next year once leaders start counting votes and after the conclusion of a major U.N. climate conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“If they understand they can’t get cloture on what comes out of committee, I think we’d be more likely to get really serious after we get back after Copenhagen,” he said. “And at that stage of the game, we’ll have much more clarity where everyone’s going.”

Reach out? I am surprised they don't have this dolt on speed dial!

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