Friday, October 23, 2009

Tea Party Patriots -- Health Care Rally at the Cleveland Clinic II

From the Cleveland Tea Party Patriots --

October Surprise

Health Care Rally at the Cleveland Clinic II




On Monday October 26th, in unison with our fellow Tea Party Patriot groups holding these rallies across the country, the area Tea Party Patriot groups will send our message & AGAIN host our rally at the world famous -- Cleveland Clinic.

Tell your friends & neighbors -- invite your own doctor to attend the rally! Please note that we extended the time for those still working and helping pay for TARP.

It is predicted the Senate will be voting on some sort of version of a health care bill within two weeks. We must turn our patriotism & passion into action by having everyone come to the Clinic along with having every able body person we know burning up the phones, faxes and emails our our 13 targeted Senators.

Tea Party Patriots -- We must make this fight NOW!

For more information, sign ideas, or setting up car pools go to the Forum section on our website (Click Here). For more information on the current Tea Party Patriot Health Care Action Alerts (Click Here).

This rally is being hosted by the Cleveland, Lake County, Geauga County, Lorain County & Medina County Tea Party Patriot groups.

See you on Monday!

The Cleveland Tea Party Patriots
A Non-Partisan, Non-Profit Grass Roots Organization

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