Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cap & Trade will increase OH jobs?

I was never one to put too much in studies. Anyone can create, conduct or fabricate a study so the end results are to their benefit or the the desires of the people paying them to conduct the study.

(Cuyahoga County residents -- Remember the Greater Cleveland PArtnership did a study telling us the Med Mart should go on Sam Miller's swampland?)

This below study that claims that Cap & Trade will create jobs in OH and through magical math eventually increase household income...
The more a congressional climate-change bill cracks down on greenhouse-gas emissions, the better the long-term prospects for Ohio's economy, according to a report yesterday by renewable-energy business advocates.

Ohio would gain up to 61,000 jobs by 2020 and see its economy grow by $3.7 billion if a stringent climate-change bill becomes law, says the report released by the Ohio Business Council for a Clean Economy.

There would be some short-term increases to Ohio's energy costs, acknowledged Eric Zimmer of Tipping Point Renewable Energy, one of the businesses that released the study and a member of the clean economy council.

But a strict carbon cap would soon lead to energy-efficiency savings and alternative energy innovation, and by 2020 the average household income would increase by $992, in 2008 dollars, the study says. (Columbus Dispatch)

Without even getting into the argument of how many OH coal workers this will put out of work, what good does the 2008 dollar value do for us in 2020? The way the economy is going the U.S. dollar will problably not even exist in 2020.

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