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Girliemen of the Week Award: The Suits at Microsoft

From PIG --

Girliemen of the Week Award

Date Awarded: October 30, 2009

Girliemen: The Suits at Microsoft
Antics: Cringing Korrectness

Eager to make computer users forgive and forget the infamous Windows Vista debacle, the suits at Microsoft decided to team up with the producers of a popular boob tube cartoon series, ‘The Family Guy’. In exchange for Microsoft’s sponsorship, the show’s producers would write a special episode of their show which would promote the newest version of Billy Gates’ operating system, Windows 7.

We don’t know what Microsoft envisioned, when it $igned on for ‘a variety show episode called Family Guy Presents: Seth And Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show, featuring animated and live sketches’. We do know that they were shocked, shocked, I tell you, over what they got:

Microsoft executives were shocked to discover that quips lined up for the show were not PC. Jokes planned for the special edition covered incest, the Holocaust and deaf people. The company will no longer back the programme in a deal said to have been worth millions. (Daily Mail)

Obviously, nobody in Microsoft’s executive suites bothered to watch episodes of ‘Family Guy’, before they ponied up million$ for a special episode. If they had done their homework, they’d know how politically incorrect the show’s writers - Seth MacFarlane and Alex Borstein - really are. If they had done their homework, they’d know about past ‘Family Guy’ controversies: prior episodes featured jokes about abortion, Mother Teresa, pedophilia, and much, much, more. Instead, they blundered into an show biz icon of inKorrectness, then, in a gutless and girlie panic, set their hair on fire. LOSERS!

Microsoft’s suits need to grow a pair, a badly needed ‘sprouting’ which is long overdue. Since, they can’t, or won’t, get over it, the FSOP is forced to make these cringing, computer code wrangling, cretins, the Politically Incorrect Gazette’s Girliemen of the Week.

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