Saturday, October 17, 2009

Reason # 9, 766 for voting against Issue 6 Cuyahoga County Reform

I have recently been accused by a "I know everything & everyone else know's nothing" type person of being FOR the status quo because I do not support Issue 6 for Cuyahoga County Reform.

Actually I am against Issue 5 and Issue 6. Blaming the structure of our county government on the problems we have here is like blaming a gun for shooting someone or a pencil for misspelling a word. The problem is the people we elect -- not the structure of our goverment.

As usual with most know-it-all's, it ends up they know much of nothing. They pretty much just like to hear themself speak and read their own comments. The truth is the Issue 6 will increase the strangle hold the status quo has on our county goverment. Pretty much the same people & groups that have been destroying our county for their personal gain -- will INCREASE their control over our county.

Don't believe me?

The head of Forest City Enterprises stressed his support Thursday for a Nov. 3 ballot initiative that would replace Cuyahoga County's commissioners with an elected executive and an 11-member council.

Charles Ratner, the Cleveland real estate company's president and chief executive, said changing the structure of county government would improve prospects for development and growth in Cleveland. In a speech at a real estate event, he told developers, brokers, attorneys and investors that Forest City is backing Issue 6.

"We have to change it and we have to change it now," Ratner said of county government, dismissing another ballot issue -- Issue 5 -- that would form a commission to study reform.

Forest City, its senior executives and a political action committee called Forest City Enterprises Inc. United for a Sensible Government have donated money to New Cuyahoga Now, the campaign backed by supporters of Issue 6. (Plain Dealer)

This would be the same Forest City, through the use of their Komrade's running the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP), that helped fleece the residents of Cuyahoga County with the forced sales tax increase for the yet to be built Med Mart.
The quarter-percent sales tax increase voted without the public for the medical mart hit $71.3 million at the end of September. The exact figure: $71,339,247.06. That’s only since January 2008 and during a recession.

So, as you see -- voting FOR Issue 6 is a vote FOR the status quo and the same damn people that have run this county into the ground.

Reason # 9, 765 for voting against Issue 6 -- it was endorsed by Senator George Voinovich.

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