Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rep. Patrick Kennedy gets a Public Slapping from Catholic Church

Always ones to disgrace and use the Catholic Church to serve their political needs, Rep. Patrick Kennedy, of the abortion loving Kennedy Klan, earns a well deserved and long overdue & public slapping for statements regarding the churches position on health care reform...
In the interview on Wednesday, Oct. 21, Kennedy said the Catholic Church was only fanning “the flames of dissent and discord” by taking the position that it will oppose the health care reform bill under consideration in Congress unless it is amended to explicitly prohibit funding of abortion.

“If the church is pro-life, then they ought to be for health care reform because it’s going to provide health care that are going to keep people alive,” Kennedy told CNSNews.com.

In his Friday statement, Bishop Tobin said: “Congressman Patrick Kennedy’s statement about the Catholic Church’s position on health care reform is irresponsible and ignorant of the facts. But the Congressman is correct in stating that 'he can’t understand.' He got that part right.

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