Monday, March 17, 2008

The Democrat gift that keeps on giving - More Republican Party of Cuyahoga County Officers give to Democrats

Some of the RPCC "Social Club" members are beginning to realize how useless and inept Rob Frost has been as Chairman of the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County.

My email was flooded after making the "Frosty the Melting RPCC Chairman" post. Many, in fact ALL, of the emails expressed support for outing the hypocrisy of our non-performing, $100,000 a year, delusional chairman, but there were two that need to be singled out.

The first email I want to single out is from long time RPCC member who is highly regarded within the "Social Club." Seeing through Frost's facade of effectiveness, this now former, RPCC "Social Club" member stated...

...even though the truth hurts, we have been ignoring it for way too long. You are right, the "Social Club" mentality is destroying the RPCC and needs to cease immediately.

I was floored in learning that almost every officer in our party has donated & supported democrats far beyond a 'token' gesture for business reasons. Seeing that our chairman, by ignoring this, supports & rewards this kind of behavior is why, in good concious and with a heavy heart, I can no longer support Rob Frost as our chairman.

Mr. King, if you decide to take action against the people listed, you now have my support. Searching the links provided in your post I confirmed your allegations and found a couple other members you may overlooked. I submit the following....

  • Matt Cox (former Executive Director, Chair of Political Operations Committee, Vice-Chair of Budget Committee). Has given $750 to Tim Degeeter and $150 to John Boccieri (who is the Dem candidate to replace retiring Congressman Ralph Regula).
  • Mike Caputo (Chair of Budget Committee) gave $500 to Degeeter.

The money to Degeeter is particularly bothersome (to me). At best, he faces token opposition, so he's able to use that money and give it to the House Dem Caucus or spend it to help out Dems in other races.

The second email I want to single out is as equally disturbing as our delusional chairman.

Much to the chagrin of others helping to expose our delusional chairman, I have long suggested that the integrity and motives of one of the people originally thought to be helping us clean up our party are suspect.

Taking heat, I have clearly & repeatedly stated this individual cannot be trusted, is more concerned about personal, monetary and political gain. Not to mention that this person has shown their political acumen is completely non-existent.

King, be advised that there is a rat among your ranks!

I support your efforts and feel obligated to inform you a certain female from the west side is trying to undermine your efforts for personal gain.

Seeing his support is dwindling fast, Frosty the Melting Chairman (I love that name!)has reached out to this female with promises of an appointment on a committee in exchange for her support and the bloc of central committe votes she can deliver.

In no uncertain terms, this female was strongly in favor of leadership change to the point she was actively trying to recruit a replacement for Frost. She was also adamant in exposing these donations too Democrats by party officers. She was so upset that she requested ORP Vice-Chairman Kevin DeWine to remove Dave Gunning from his newly elected position as State Central Committee for the 21st Senate District.

So, for a measely appointment to satisfy her ego, she too is willing to sell out people she represents in her Senate District & fellow members of the RPCC.

Talk about integrity and being a hypocrite!


  1. I can't help but think back to Frosty's defense of himself when the mayors and the judge jumped ship- "84% of your endorsed Republican candidates for local office won in 2007" That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. 84% of what? How many races did we not even have a person to endorse? I would like to remind everyone that if Jim Trakas did not come in to save our asses at the last minute that Jason Werner would be our nominee for the 10th Congressional District. How about we endorse one candidate that we know will win so 100% of our endorsed candidates win. Only problem is, how many candidates in the RPCC do we know for sure would win?

  2. Caputo is the most arrogant jerk you will ever meet. I don't what he has accomplished that makes him so impressed with himself. THROW THE BUMS OUT!!!!

  3. What exactly would Frosty have to give Rat Woman? A worthless committee seat? Honey, if that is the best political deal you can broker then you are in the right party with the right chairman.

  4. Hi Jack...

    Thanks for reading and commenting. Very insightful remarks.

    In my original post I questioned the phantom math.

    Let's just say for sh**'s & giggles we buy his skewed numbers of 84%.... this does not bode well for Frost. Bragging about an 84% for last year but we will be dropping down to at best 30% for the upcoming judicial elections.

    The sad thing about this is I beleive we have some of the hardest working volunteers in our party. Time and time again these volunteers give time and make sacrifices because they BELIEVE in what they are doing and they get treated like this.

    The same people that ask them to volunteer, knock doors, make calls, lit drops, etc... the same people that tell them how important their work is to our party - are the ones stabbing them in the back by supporting the very people our volunteers are working to defeat!

    No matter what type of spin they try to shit cover this with these people are willfully in VIOLATION OF OUR BY LAWS. The same by laws Frost is to uphold.

    Anon - I have no idea who Caputo is, nor do I really care.

    I would only expect a chairman who has control of his party to do the right thing and ask Caputo to step down from his position as an officer of the party for being in violation of the RPCC by laws.

    If Caputo or any of the previously named individual refuse to step down from committe appointments Frost should remove them immediately.

    Jimmy D- I don't think it is you but... Ready for that Christmas in November again?

    Why would you ask a dumb question?

    Do you think they will ever realize how easy they make it for you? Almost like taking candy from a baby.

    Buck up though big boy, things will be changing!

  5. when debbie and luks fail to even get 1/3 of the vote in November, will the so-called money people stick around to pay the bills

  6. Frosty the Frazzled ChairmanMarch 21, 2008 at 11:59 AM

    You guys don't understand. You are too dumb.

    And don't think you are my friends either - you people are not my friends! You are all idiots.

    This party will go to hell if not for these money men paying my over bloated salary.

    AND if you try to make copies using MY copier at the Republican Prostitutes of Cuyahoga County HQ -since I am too much of a chicken shit - I will have security remove you.

    Now... who else in this room full of my closest RINO's is against me?

  7. sounds a lot like this party is being run by a politburo who then dictates to us little folk


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