Monday, March 10, 2008

More Party Jumping in Cuyahoga County

There were more defections in the Cuyahoga County Republican Party (RPCC) on election day.

We recently posted on Orange Mayor Kathy Mulcahy leaving the party and it looks like there will be at least three (3) more, possibly four (4) more Mayors and a judge that are switching to the Cuyahoga County Democrat Party.

The latest party jumpers are as follows:
  • Mayor Jeff Lansky / City of Maple Hts

  • Mayor Kevin Patton / City of Solon

  • Mayor Sam Alai / City of Broadview Hts

  • Mayor Kathy Mulcahy / Orange Village

  • Judge Kristin Sweeney / Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court

It is reported by the PD that some of the mayors claim after soul searching, disagreement with President Bush and a desire to support Hillary as being the reason for the party switch.

Mayor Patton of Solon was a little more frank in his reason....

Patton said he switched because "I've had some concerns with the local Republican Party in recent years."

Sad thing is Patton NEVER once stood up and voiced any of these concerns. Though he was all too happy to accept the party endorsement in his last race. In fact his endorsement was challenged by some of us on the RPCC Central Committee, but the party smart guys of the "social club" used their influence to squash this challenge calling Patton a good republican!

Patton’s silence on his displeasure is a perfect example of partially what is wrong with the RPCC on a much larger scale. Elected officials in our party, Central Committee & Executive Committee members that are unhappy routinely say nothing. The silence of party members is one of the single largest contributing factors in causing the current downward spiral of the RPCC.

Regardless of the reason these individuals switched parties, it is a looming & telling sign of the current disarray in the RPCC. It is a sign of disillusionment between party leaders and the rank & file. Cuyahoga County Democrat Chairman Jimmy Dimora indicates he did not even work up a sweat pulling this off…

Dimora said the recruiting was easy because of ineffective leadership of the county GOP, chaired by his bitter rival, Rob Frost.

Calling Frost Dimora's rival is a gross misrepresentation of the facts. In order to be a rival - one needs to at least be competitive. The RPCC has not been competitive in Cuyahoga county in quite some time, the last 4 years - under Frost's so-called leadership - we have been completely non-existent.

Trying to make himself feel important and relevant in local politics, RPCC Chairman Frost thinks he got under Jimmy's skin....

Frost said: "I've obviously gotten under Jimmy's skin."

He shrugged off the defections, saying several of the mayors had been straying for years.

Uh no, sorry Rob - Jimmy barely knows you even exist. You would considered more like a tick on a RINO's ass.

Truth be told - because he is so inconsequential & irrelevant on the local political scene, Frost had no choice but to shrug off the defections & Dimora's jabs. Though it is somewhat alarming & indicative of his worth that Frost is so dismissive of these defections - almost like he does not care.

But why should he care - the social club members gladly pay him over $100,000 per year to help advance their personal interests over party interests.


  1. are you trying to say it's Rob Frosts fault because these mayors are traitors?

    I think he is the best chairman we have had in a long time. We need to support him and give him a chance.

  2. Hey anon, stupid, why is he the best chairmen we had in a long time? Trakas got us out of a huge debt as a party. What has Rob done? 4 years is not enough of a chance? Pull your head out of your @ss. Oh, wait you may be getting paid by the party, which is so bloated and top heavy now that candidate barely get any money. Why would you go against Frost if he is cutting you a check.

  3. there is definitely a disconnect between party "leadership" and the rank and file

    whenever someone tries to voice these concerns however theyre labeled as nuts or lunatics...easy way to silence opposition

  4. so are we ever going to hear the reasons why the first poster thinks frosty is the chair weve had in a long time

  5. the measure will be if trakas can defeat dennis. should happen with an organized effort by the party

  6. considering state central committee members like dave gunning have donated to Dems in this race as opposed to trakas, i wouldnt be holding my breath

  7. It is pretty sad when a republican candidate has to worry about forces from within his own party helping democrats


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