Friday, September 21, 2007

Dupes of Kuyahoga

The fish wrap, Cleveland Rag Dealer, has an article about the fleecing the residents of Cuyahoga County are about to take in the public financing (Korporate welfare) of the proposed Convention Center and Med Mart.

The article notes that Cuyahoga County "bucked a national trend" in the way that the local citizens will be forced to pay for the $450 million "House that Timmy & Jimmy Built."
Nationwide, taxes on hotel guests rank as the No. 1 revenue source for convention center construction and expansion projects, said Craig Nauta, managing director for the Dallas-based Center for Exhibition Industry Research.

"The general theory is to tax visitors instead of voters," he said.

OK, does anybody know WHY Cuyahoga County could not do it this way? Come on, give it a shot - it's a no brainer!

One reason is because there are not enough visitors coming to the area (Go Figure?!?) to make that a viable source of funding. The other reason is.... even IF there were enough visitors, the existing tax structure we are saddled with is already paying for other crap that was supposed to "revitalize" the area...
Bed tax proceeds help run the current convention center and the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Greater Cleveland. In addition, another chunk of the tax pays for the construction debt on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum (through 2014) and Quicken Loans Arena (through 2023).

Car rentals in Cleveland are already saddled with taxes that help pay for the Cleveland Browns Stadium. Rentals at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport also are assessed fees for a rental-car center and shuttles between the airport and the center.

Just in case anybody is confused, let me sum it up -

Usual funding sources can't be used because we already have and continue to waste that money on other failed silver bullets and for obvious reasons - NOBODY wants to visit Cleveland!

The fishwrap continues on and lists how responsible leaders of other cities have successfully built convention centers and other projects, not using public funds because they did not squander all their opportunities like the demokrat leaders of this area have.

Wait! Did I hear somebody mumble about the local republicans? Did they say, "the hypocrites of..." oops - "the 'Party of Lower Taxes' will not let this happen without a fight?" Did I hear, "maybe the local republican party can finally do something effective?" WRONG!

Well, at first we puffed out our chest's and said we would fight this forced tax, that there were other ways of funding this project. Then the RPCC John Kerry'd you and flip-flopped pulling our objections.

Well, maybe not flip-flopped... more like "Bitch Slapped"! Being appeased with an empty promise of a 20 year cap on the forced sales tax increase, the RPCC, was told to trot off and go back to writing your stupid little ineffective Pork Barrel Buffet's that nobody reads!

Sorry, some of us true conservatives tried, only we had NO SUPPORT from the local RINO's controlling the RPCC.

Yep, the RPCC, now known as the "Dupe's of Kuyahoga Kounty", the party that can't win an election in Kuyahoga Kounty -unless they buy it by donating to demokrats (Good Job Roger!) - collectively sat on their asses. Some of us RPCC members were out there working hard to get signatures, but not on behalf of the "Dupes."

You see "Boss Hog" (Jimmy), knowing the local RINO mayor's have no respect for the current leadership of our party, dispatched Sheriff Roscoe P. Coletrain (Fred "Token" Nance) to have a talk with Enos (Rob Frost). Not leaving nothing to chance, he also solicited the help of Daisy ( Debbie Sutherland - EWWW!). Knowing Enos is smitten over Daisy's RINO like ways, Boss Hog was sure this would blur Enos' RINO glazed over eyes. And boy did they!

So to end this journey through the Korners of Kuyahoga Kounty & the Konvention Center, Boss Hog gets his way, the "Dupes" are scribbling in the corner with krayons and the residents get skrewed again!

Great same old story!!!


  1. Debbie as Daisy?

    Come on King that is blasphemy!

  2. I see Bruce Akers in the Cooter role - always fixing things so that the Dupes' General Lee of failure keeps on rolling.

  3. Great Post! Thanks for the visual of Sutherland in Daisy Dukes; now I can't eat lunch.

  4. When I first read this post I thought for sure that you were a crack pot.

    So far the way the Med Mart is going it looks as you may be right.

    Will anyone here ever get it right?


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