Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Bad Day For Parental Rights

Can California be taking the first step towards state sponsored discipline of the children?

On one hand we have the government asking us to be good parents and be responsible for our children. On the other hand, they want to tell us how to raise our children and dictate what type of punishment is allowed.

It is the right of the parent to punish their child as they see fit. (Insert liberal scream here!).

This does not mean child abuse! There is a big difference between child abuse and a good old fashion ass whippin' from Mom or Dad, though many will try to blur this distinction.

The 'time out' theory has failed miserably! The do-gooders & educators have created culture of 'panty waist children' that expect to be coddled and know they can intimidate the parents by screaming 'child abuse'. isn't this something like the tail is wagging the dog?

I would be willing to bet any amount, that being back handed out of the chair for getting smart accompanied with the phrase, " talk like that again and you will be spitting teeth", is much more effective than time out.

It will have a much longer and deeper learning effect than, "Johnny, will you please go stand nicely in the corner", and in a pleasant, non-excited tone you remind him kindly, "Son, it is impolite to speak like that."

These three long forgotten phases raised generations and worked pretty damn well!

Spare the rod, spoil the child........ Children are to be seen, not heard......... I'll give you something to cry about.......

From World Net Daily --

Democrats on a legislative committee in California have advanced a plan that would make criminals of any parent who uses "a stick, a rod, [or] a switch" to discipline their misbehaving child, and parents rights' organizations are up in arms.

"This was a bad day for parental rights in California," said Karen England, of
Capitol Resource Institute.

"Arrogant California legislators have decided … they know how to raise children better than parents. However, we are confident that California parents will make their voice heard and defeat these despicable bills," she said.

California Assembly Speaker pro Tempore Sally Lieber (California Assembly)
The proposal is
AB755, a plan by California Assemblywoman Sally Lieber, D-Mountain View, that is billed as a plan for "corporal punishment."

But it does more.

"AB755 biases police officers, social workers, district attorneys and juries to regard traditional methods of child discipline as hateful, harmful abuse," said Randy Thomasson, president of
the Campaign for Children and Families. Whole Story.....

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