Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nazi Regime would have loved liberals of today

The following column by Judge Roy Moore at World Net Daily, points out that if the Nuremberg Trials were to take place today, there is a good chance the Nazis would not have been convicted.

The push by the left and liberals to remove the laws of God from our belief system, would keep todays prosecutors from using the main argument used to convict them.

Maybe this will help open their eyes -

After the war, many German military leaders were prosecuted in Nuremberg, Germany, for "war crimes" and "crimes against humanity" by an International Military Tribunal.......

Nazi defendants objected to being put on trial for simply following orders and the laws of their country. They also complained that defining crimes after the fact constituted improper "ex post facto" laws, which is specifically prohibited by the United States Constitution and the laws of many other nations.

......The Nuremberg Court rejected the argument of Nazi defendants that there was no pre-existing law and appealed to natural law in its judgment......

Both the British and American prosecutors were expressing something well understood in the law at that time – the law of man and nations is subject to the laws of God and the laws of nature.

The fact that the law of God is the basis for international law was not new to British and American jurisprudence at the Nuremberg trials.

Well before the formation of the United Nations, our forefathers understood that all nations were subject to the law of God......

......Ironically, all the other nations which joined to prosecute the Nazi regime based on the law of nations given by God now reject the sovereignty of that God over law and government....

As America and other nations try to "set themselves" against the laws of God, we increase the risk of repeating the lessons of history. When our thoughts turn toward the horrors of the Holocaust this weekend, let us not forget that the Nazis at Nuremberg were held accountable because of the higher law of God to which all nations, at all times, are subject. Whole Story

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