Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saudi Arabia drops hammer on Al-Qaeda; Arrests 172 Terrorists

Saudi Arabia, the country that breeds terrorists, is pushing a widespread crack down on terrorists & Al-Qaeda throughout the country.

Charity work is also coming under scrutiny since the terrorists have been using this to raise money among other creative methods. The Saudi government is urging people to watch family members & friends for any suspicious behavior.

From Arab News.....

JEDDAH, 29 April 2007 — Interior Minister Prince Naif said in comments published yesterday that Saudi Arabia would continue its campaign to root out terrorists in the country. He commended the security forces for their efforts to arrest 172 suspected militants belonging to seven terror cells across the country.

“We cannot say that we are done with these deviants,” Prince Naif told Al-Riyadh Arabic daily. “But efforts will continue. The eyes...are wide open and efforts are under way to cleanse our country of every evil,” he said about the Kingdom’s campaign against Al-Qaeda militants.

The Interior Ministry said Friday it had foiled an Al-Qaeda-linked plot to attack oil facilities, military bases and public figures and arrested 172 people, including some who, it said, had trained to use aircraft for suicide attacks.

Most of those arrested were Saudis; others were from Yemen, Nigeria and other countries. Police seized weapons, computers and more than SR20 million in cash.

Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh denounced the militants for plotting to carry out terrorist attacks inside the Kingdom..... The Muslim World League (MWL) also condemned the terrorist plots,

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