Sunday, April 22, 2007

Taliban demand French withdrawal

I wonder if the current elections in France had anything to do with this kidnapping?

Almost a no brainer to pick on the biggest sissy of a country and try to influence the elections of a spineless mass of people. You can bet if France had a Reagan like candidate, they would know how to deal with hostages and elections.

But since bravery is not in the French vocabulary, these poor saps don't have a chance. The Taliban terrorists will soon be playing soccer with their heads!

From Al Jazeera --

Taliban fighters who say they abducted two French aid workers and three Afghans earlier this month have demanded all French troops withdraw from Afghanistan in one week.

Earlier in the week, the French nationals had appealed to their government to comply with the demand saying that they feared they would be killed soon.

In a statement posted on a website, the group also said they wanted immediate talks with the Afghan government to negotiate the release of Taliban prisoners. "In case of refusal action will be taken against them [the hostages] promptly," the statement said. Whole Story

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