Saturday, April 28, 2007

Gunman with permit suspect in shooting

I am very pro gun and strongly support our 2nd Amendment, but the below story shows why the Carry Conceal Law is fundamentally flawed and why I am against it as it is currently written.

To allow someone to legally carry a gun with only 12 hours training (10 hr class time /2 hr range time) is one of the most IRRESPONSIBLE things the gun lobby could have done.

You must be a complete idiot to believe someone can be proficient and has mastered safe handling and responsible use of a firearm in 12 hrs.

The PD story -- (emphasis added)

About 2 a.m., Marlin Briggs, 38, was shot in the stomach at the Honey Do Club on St. Clair Avenue after an unidentified 59-year-old man struggled with Briggs' girlfriend.

Briggs' friend, Earl Grays, 31, ran to a 1997 Monte Carlo and grabbed his .40-caliber Smith and Wesson handgun, which he has a permit to carry.

Grays told police he fired "randomly" toward the bar, a report shows.

But investigators aren't sure that Grays was defending his life.

How many mistakes can a responsible gun owner find in this story?
  1. Gun was fired randomly towards the bar.

  2. Did not appear to be defending his or anyone else's life.

  3. Most likely was under the influence of alcohol

Even if he was in imminent danger, because of his actions, Grays should be charged with unlawfully discharging a firearm, criminal endangering, should lose his weapon and forfeit any right to ever carry and /or own firearm.

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