Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Gay Terrorists

The following article by Dennis Prager, Outing Gay Conservatives, highlights the problems with the 'Homosexual Agenda' being forced on our country and our children through educators at all levels.

In a push to have their sexual behavior, which not even accepted by farm animals (Thanks Ken), accepted worldwide, these homo activists are anything but accepting.

Actually these acceptance preaching, extremist homo's are vindictive and filled with hate. Makes you wonder, are they filled with hate because of what they become or are they filled with hate because all homo's do not view homosexuality as they do.

Prager points out how these gay terrorists will stop at nothing to 'out' other gays who do not have the same beliefs in order to further their homosexual agenda and advance their liberal leaning political beliefs --

It is difficult to identify a more morally repellent act – outside of violence – than "outing" a gay person for political gain. Yet, those who "out" gay conservatives defend their actions – and they do so by blaming their victims. The victims deserve it, the outers contend.

And why do gay Republicans and conservatives deserve to have the most private part of themselves revealed to the world?

Because, the activists argue, conservative gays are hypocrites, and hypocrites deserve no mercy.

But this argument is nonsensical. If the activists believe this argument, they do not think clearly.

If they don't believe it, then they "out" gay conservatives for another reason:

They wish to punish gays who do not follow the leftist party line on same-sex marriage and other gay-related issues, and they wish to intimidate other non-outed gays from adopting conservative values on such matters.

Why is the hypocrite argument nonsense? Because it is a non sequitur. Gay opposition to same-sex marriage has nothing whatsoever to do with hypocrisy. More.....

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