Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bedford School Board Member to get grilled on radio by King

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Tim Tench, Bedford School Board Member and Bedford Sun Banner Reporter Robert Nozar will be featured on this week's radio show - April 25th
If you missed last week's show, you missed Walton Hills Council President Kevin Hirsch and Walton Hills Councilmen Denny Linville.

I will be calling into the show again.

Depending on how much freedom and time they give me, I will ask an on topic question but…. I will ask Tim Tench - In the spirit of financial transparency, when the communities within Bedford School District can expect a performance audit to be done. Also when can we expect the school board meetings to be broadcast on our school cable channel?

The school board has REFUSED to answer these two questions for at least the last 4 years. Another note, Tim Tench is on the Central Committee for the Cuyahoga County Democrats. Board member Andy Mizsak is also on the dems Central Committee.

My question for Robert Nozar of the Sun Banner will be - Why does the newspaper only report school board policy line and not an accurate reflection of what happens at the school board meetings?

Examples being... Parents asking about students without text books, teachers getting new computers / students working with outdated pc's, over spending accounts by a million dollars, 11 findings against the district by former Auditor Montgomery, etc....

Last week my call took up pretty much the second half of their show. Who knows if they will allow me to do that again?

If you have time please listen to the show. I am quite confident the show will be interesting. If they let me on the air again, I guarantee it!

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