Sunday, April 22, 2007

Victim - 1 / Robber - Dead

Score one for the good guys!

This is a perfect reason why guns should NOT be outlawed!

From the PD --

A Cleveland man Saturday night shot and killed a 15-year-old boy who reportedly helped rob the man, police said.

Arthur C. Buford, 15, who was shot in the chest, was taken by EMS to MetroHealth Medical Center where he was pronounced dead about an hour later, according to Cleveland police spokesman Thomas Stacho. Buford was shot and killed after he and an unidentified accomplice reportedly robbed a man at gunpoint on the porch of his house near East 134th Street and Kinsman Road.

Police arrested a 25-year-old Cleveland man, who told police he shot Buford after the robbery, Stacho said. The robbery victim pulled his own gun and shot Buford in self-defense, Stacho said. The shooter's name was unavailable.

Police later found a small caliber handgun nearby believed to have been used in the robbery.

"He ran into the house and called us," Stacho said. "He surrendered and turned over the gun, but we did place him under arrest. He's being held for investigation of murder."

I am intimately familiar with this area from years of repossessing furniture, automobiles and picking up some occasional bail jumpers. You can be sure this is not an area to go for a ride with the family on a Saturday night.

This poor guy was being robbed on HIS OWN PORCH and got arrested. I really hope CPD and the prosecutors find it a justifiable homicide.

I believe it would be safe to say more than a majority of the bloggers could never understand what it is like to live in an area like this. Unless you live in an atmosphere such as this, it is impossible to understand the mind set of some of these knuckleheads out there.

The violent crime rate of Cleveland is over twice the national average. People this is an every day occurrence in some neighborhoods such as this.

E.134th & Kinsman is a pretty rough area, but pales in comparison to the Outhwaite area, Garden Valley Estates or East Cleveland. We used to call East Cleveland - Dodge City! There are many areas where paramedics or Fire Dept. will not go with out a police escort.

I cannot even begin to describe the feeling of seeing my first dead body laying in the street in a pool of blood. Cars driving by, people walking by like nothing happened. After you see the first couple, it is no big deal anymore......

You cannot even begin understand what is like to live in fear inside your own home. Your own home in which you are like a prisoner on lock down after 7:30-8:00pm until sunrise.

Had this guy NOT had a gun to protect himself, we might have been reading about him being killed or the next person this little dead punk may have robbed or killed.

The people in the inner city will be like sitting ducks for these criminals!

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