Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lynching a white liberal

First off, I am glad Imus was fired. Besides being a mush mouth, the guy was physically disgusting to even look at. He is a jerk and the remarks were ignorant, out of line and not even funny.

Howard Stern had exposed Imus as a racist quite some time ago. Howard has given examples where Imus used racial slurs with regularity around the studio when they worked together. So this is not a one time incident with the jerk.

But as usual for the double standard liberals, their hypocritical attacks are based on opportunity & convenience, not true beliefs. They are quick to forgive & forget depending on who is verbally attacked.

Using Imus as a sacrificial lamb, the democrats and liberals are able to continue fooling some in the African-American community, that they are the 'defenders' of civil rights, racial equality, racial justice, etc.....

In the below story from World Net Daily, Mychal Massey couldn't have said it better. While I disagree with him on Imus being fired, the piece is great --------
The firing of Don Imus calcifies that which we have long known – that for liberals it isn't what they say that matters, rather it is who they say it about. Had Imus directed his insults at Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice or at Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, not only would there have been no outcry or penalty from the cacophony of race mongers we now hear, but in all likelihood we, i.e., conservatives, would be the only ones talking about it.

Where were Jackson and Sharpton when the openly bigoted, white harridan Maureen Dowd wrote a racist, poisonous screed against Justice Thomas? Can there be a more specious hate-filled attack on a black man than the coded, cozened speech Dowd intentionally smeared him with when she accused him of being a slave to his most base and reprobate physical urges? ("Could Thomas be right?" June 25, 2003) Mine was the lone voice in a July 2003 article that defended him. Today, Dowd continues her verbal flatulence with impunity.

Two of the nation's foremost immoralists, liberal presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama wasted little time in kicking a dead horse to death.

Clinton announced, shortly before the firing that she "never wanted to go on his show and certainly [would never do so now]. It would have behooved her more to apologize to the credible women her husband is alleged to have groped, fondled, and in at least one instance forced his unwanted attention on.

Obama joined in the chorus of "fire Imus," but not before he appeared on the show when it was to his black genocide-advocating advantage. He now condemns Imus – yet he doesn't condemn his rapper pal Ludacris. – Ludacris has a best-selling song entitled "Ho" that starts out: "Youza a ho, youza ho, I said youza ho" and includes lyrics like "I see the ho risin', it ain't surprisin', its just a ho-asis, with ugly chicks
faces, but ho's don't feel so sad and blue, cuz most of us niggaz is hos too......

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